Jailbreak IOS 7 Is Now Available For IPhone Spy Software

Before installing iPhone spy software, you must jailbreak iOS 7

Among varied mobile applications, spyware for iOS can run on jailbroken devices ONLY. If you need to spy on an iPhone for a plethora of reasons, you have to jailbreak this device first. Mobile tracking software, especially spy software, is on the rise; one of such useful apps is mSpy – an advanced iPhone tracker. With a jailbroken device and the mSpy app installed on it, you can monitor (as well as filter or block altogether) the online/offline movements and actions of a child or an employee for the reasons of safety and security with the help of your own spy iPhone. But you need to jailbreak it first. 

iPhone (iOS 7) Spy App

And now, welcome the dear guest! The long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated jailbreak for IOS 7 is here! Being an iPhone tracker user (read about it below), I can say it’s the most precious gift for the forthcoming holidays!

We must be thankful for this present to the popular evad3rs hacker team that has just released their untethered evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak. And it’s for free, mind it!

The evad3rs team has announced today via Twitter: “Merry Christmas! The iOS 7 jailbreak has been released at http://t.co/wblOSKyLah! All donations will go to @publicknowledge, @eff, and @ffii – evad3rs (@evad3rs) December 22, 2013”.

I’ve written about the great expectations of iPhone fans community concerning this event in one of my posts. We had a close look at the history of jailbreak achievements and its heroes. I wrote about the prize fund raised for iOS 7 jailbreak as well. You see, attempts were numerous, but Apple managed to patch all the exploits that were used by evasi0n through its regular software updates. For instance, the most recent break-through in the jailbreaking process for iOS 7 (released not so long ago in September) was quickly closed with a patch. No later than the previous week, Apple patched an exploit that could have been used for a jailbreak for iOS 7.1, a currently in-development update for iOS devices.

Jailbreak 7 for an iPhone is here!

Luckily, there are still heroes in our IT kingdom! Cheers!There appeared one more gap in the seemingly seamless wall erected by Apple before its users. Someday, it can crush the whole dam; the first strike has been just delivered by jailbreak 7 for an iPhone.

Requirements for evasi0n7 jailbreak include:

·         A computer, running Windows (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.6 minimum) or Linux (x86 / x86_64)

·         iTunes installed if you’re running Windows

·         An iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4 (you may check in Settings/General/About => Version)

Just to be safe, before the actual jailbreak (promised to take up 5 minutes all in all!), back up your device using iTunes or iCloud so you can recover your data if something goes wrong in the process. This jailbreak is untethered, reboots will be normal; it is unnecessary to attach your iOS device to your computer to re-jailbreak it after a restart.


For iOS jailbreak users, the benefits are multiple. There are numerous alternative app stores, such as Cydia, that host material Apple wouldn’t allow in its own official App Store. Such material includes unsupported third-party applications and other modifications such as themes that compete directly with Apple’s own software or are typically not approved by Apple. For instance, spy software for an iPhone requires jailbreak 7 in any case; do not forget about it if you look for spyware for iOS.

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