Just another Rant on Applications

“What new exciting Apps are available for me to download this week?” is the question that gets thrown to me every single time I mention mobile phone. So much so, it gets automatically assigned a certain kind of nasal and annoying voice every time it gets asked. Like seriously, how many new apps are being added into the huge database that is the Apple App Store or Play Store every single day?
The answer is around 600 per day for the Apple App Store and significantly larger for the Google Play Store. And do you know what the really scary thing is? A whopping 150 million Android downloads are still vulnerable to the scandal that is the Heartbleed Virus. A programming error in OpenSSL Libraries that is leveraged through the native libraries that most apps use, this virus doesn’t necessarily make Android or iOS vulnerable but rather the information traffic that leaves the servers. This virus’s started making headlines in April this year grabbing the attention of them programmers, geeks and even non-geeks plebians. The fear of losing your personal information apparently runs throughout all internet users, and it rightly should. But fear not, App developers are still scrambling, note the word still, to get their apps fixed before hackers exploit the vulnerabilities that is the Heartbleed. It is still highly recommended to change all your personal passwords to prevent lost of information and general access security.


With such a huge influx of new apps, how do users who don’t normally trawl the app stores actually find new apps that they can use? The answer is Reddit, or sites like that. There are a huge amount of posts that discuss or compiles what users at these websites describe as favourite little known apps. One of the most famous of these discussions was a 7950 comment thread on little known and much loved apps currently in the market. Thankfully, a Reddit user compiled the entire collection using, you’d guess it, an app called AppGator. This list compiles the thread into 2 categories iPhone and Android apps, with the full list containing around 40 apps. The list contains weirdly ingenious apps, like “Walk Up Alarm Clock”, which as the name suggests makes you walk around to turn the alarm clock off. Though the weirdest of the bunch is the app “French Girls”, which plays on one of the popular meme that references the scene in the Titanic, with Rose asking to be drawn like “One of the French girls”. This disturbing app requires you to take a picture and have someone on the other end draw it. The best part of the app? Totally anonymous, or so the developers claim.


Yet one app that is relatively unknown till recently and slowly gaining popularity is the app “Waggl”. This app was actually inspired by honey bees and the way decisions are made in the colony. It is surprisingly simple and engaging little app that allows you to run spot surveys to gather what your group wants or needs at the moment. This definitely makes my day as there’s no longer any need to go around asking where everyone wants to go for lunch.
There is one more useful and interesting app called mSpy. This cell phone tracker monitors everything, including GPS location, Emails, text messages, chats, photos and videos. It even remotely blocks inappropriate websites and apps, prevents unwanted contacts from calling, and much more. Plus, you may even read Viber conversations and other popular IMs.

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