Keep Employees From Texting Too Much

Most of employers have a problem with their employees that they are getting distracted by their mobile phones. Often, employers catch them red handed texting a lot during working hour but when they ask from their employees they say that they are texting for business purposes. From a human resources standpoint, most of employers get caught in this situation and they don’t know how they can handle this kind of problem because terminating an employee on mobile phone usage will ultimately shorten the employee strength in company. Some employer’s are of view that taking away staff’s when they start work and handing them back at the end of their shift can resolve the issue but this technique is not suitable for all kind of working environment.

Managing texting
The rules for managing excessive texting or other personal use of cell phones during work hours remained same during many years. Often to control this situation companies makes the policies and then enforced those policies. According to those rules if someone violates the policy, he or she should be given a verbal warning at first, written warning for 2nd time, final warning and at last will be given a termination letter as a result.

Talking on cell phones and texting at work both become a cause of distracting in employees and often minimizes productivity especially when the communication isn’t work-related. In some cases mobile texting and calling can also increase the risk of accidents.  Cell phones are distracting the employee from their not only because they require attention to operate but because the conversation itself engages the worker’s mind on something other than the job at hand. And most of time employees don’t feel happy to do work if something wrong has been happened during conversation.

Texting – a primary source of communication
Nowadays many employees, especially younger generation, rely very heavily on cell phones and texting as a primary source of communication. Therefore, if you banned cell phone usage in the company it could induce downright panic among many segments of your company because many employees received text and calls from their children, spouses and from other family members during the working hours. The usage of mobile phone for important calls is not bad but problem is when employees use company mobile phone in wrong ways and activities during working hours.

Employers want productivity from employees and they didn’t bear wastage of working as business expands it becomes very difficult for employers to keep a watching eye on his all employees activities. To stop employee’s unnecessary activities including texting employers can use mSpy app. This phone monitoring app when install in a mobile phone will keep a full record of mobile messaging and calls.

mSpy cell phone tracking software helps employers to see which employees are working in job’s hour and who are just sending text messages to others. mSpy app works remotely and you can access all the data through your online account. It will help you to not only check employees working but also can check their loyalty with company. As mSpy keeps a record of messages and calls you can show that data to your employee as a proof if he rejects your words.

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