Keeping Your Personal And Professional Lives Separate

There is no denying that advance in modern technology has made our work lives so much easier. Thanks to mobile communications especially employees are able to talk to clients and colleagues at any time no matter where they are whether by phone call, Email, text message or instant messaging. This has made the demand for smartphones with an increasing number of features and functions. Smartphones offer a mobile solution that is compact enough to slip into a pocket and with mobile apps and cloud sharing the need for a computer is becoming obsolete.

This has led to a vast number of employees being issued with smartphones by their employers especially those working remotely. However, there is always the temptation to misuse company issued smartphones for personal use, after all how much damage can it do to spend one minute updating your Facebook status or sending an email. However, this soon landslides until employees are pushing their personal communications further and further into their working lives and eventually productivity is affected, not to mention the fact that the employer is paying for the Internet access and the phone calls!

This can be combated if employers implement a tracking system to monitor their employees’ smatphone use. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use a phone monitoring application like mSpy. These apps can be installed on all company owned phones and will allow managers to monitor exactly how the smartphones are being put to use. Just some of the features included are:

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Many spy phone apps can also offer remote SMS commands allowing employers to lock or wipe iformation from the phone in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Often simply knowing that the employer is able to monitor the use of the phone is enough to deter employees from using the smartphone for their own personal use, but if not then the employer has the means to document the misuse in order to take disciplinary action against that employee. Companies who make use of mobile phone spy tools report a much greater level of productivity from remote workers as their employees are not as prone to becoming distracted by personal calls. They also report a reduction in costs once mobile phone monitoring is implemented.

The benefits do not fall only on the employer’s side. There are many employees who feel that knowing their phone and Email communications are monitored makes it much easier for them to separate work life and personal life. If they are not tempted to use the phone for personal use they feel more inclined to switch off their work phone at clocking out time and are not drawn into responding to calls or emails when they should be enjoying some time off.

Mobile phone monitoring is not really about controlling employees in a harsh way, it is about making sure they are productive during working hours.

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