Key Reasons to Pay Closer Attention to the Security of Your Smartphone

Smartphone as the part of smart modern life style

In the current times in which we live, owning a smartphone is almost a given. Those individuals who do not own a smartphone are almost outside the norm, but those people are the lucky ones. With all things that gain tremendous popularity, there is someone that is out to exploit a weakness or a flaw in it so as to gain something from it themselves. In the world of smartphones, hackers love to find ways to get past even the smallest or most insignificant flaw in a smartphones security. As a result of this, it is not uncommon to read about how apps leak private information to the public, how most passwords, or passcodes, are not secure, or how there is a flaw or bug in the iOS.

Is “living by smartphone” really dangerous?

The question becomes, what is the big deal if there are flaws in the operating system on a smartphone, or there are password and passcode insecurities? The answer is simple, and potentially life changing. With so many people using their smartphones as a portable computer, there is a large amount of personal information that is contained on these smartphones. Having this personal information on smartphones is great because it helps us get the directions we need, do the shopping we want, or tend to paying bills and other essentials of life. With all the conveniences that this offers smartphone users, if the smartphone is lost, the individual that finds the phone has potential access to all information.

Yes, if a random stranger picks up a smartphone that has been left somewhere they will not only have the ability to access your name and address, but they also have the ability to search through private photos, emails, as well as accessing things such as bank account information. The threat for identity theft is very real, as is the possibility of high personal information and photos being seen by individuals never intended to see them.

Be informed and protected!

How does a smartphone user protect themselves and all of the information contained on their smartphone in case it is lost or stolen? Smartphone users can protect their sensitive information in a number of ways. One of the first things that you can do to protect your information is avoiding the use of public Wi-Fi on your smartphone.  Additionally, when it comes to apps, do not use unofficial versions of popular games, and do not use applications that request illogical permissions.

Useful pieces of advice:

The removal of information from your phone can also help protect it. Here are some of the things to remove:

–          Remove personal information – Users of Google Maps need to remove their home and work addresses to prevent potential visits from anyone that picks up the phone. Remove your contact card and disable phone logs that track where you go.

–          Install security software – In the case of loss or theft, having software, such as Google Device Manager or Find My iPhone, will allow you to locate the phone and lock it, preventing access to private information.

–          Do not save passwords – When using apps for your bank or other case sensitive sites, never save your passwords, log in with each use. Individuals that find your phone would then have access to your personal information. Never stay logged into email.

–          Passcode lock & Password manager – Use a secure passcode lock to prevent users from accessing your information. Additionally, a password manager will allow you to access/use your passwords securely.

–          Do not give permissions to all apps – Pay special attention to what apps you give permissions, to avoid giving out secure information.

–          Encryption – Encrypt information located in the cloud, such as apps like Dropbox, to prevent private information from getting out.

Useful applications for security

Having a smartphone is not just a means for convenience, it offers countless security threats to your private information if it is loss or stolen. By being aware of your phone’s security, you can prevent your sensitive and personal information from getting out should it be lost or stolen. One of the most efficient ways to protect your information and phone is to employ specialized mobile applications, for instance, mSpy, that can track/monitor all the online/offline actions of the target phone. You can even spy on your kid’s Viber messages!  There are lots of other useful mSpy options. Discover everything mSpy has to offer today!

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