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Tips for parents

Know your kid’s whereabouts this Halloween with mSpy GPS tracker

Know your kid's whereabouts this Halloween with mSpy GPS tracker

Halloween is a wonderful time, but you need to remember about safety tips to make the most of this holiday and avoid bitter consequences.The question “Where is my child?” can provoke a heart attack among every mom and dad. Little kid can instantly disappear from the view during Halloween celebration, taking into consideration the fact that everyone will be wearing festive costumes and it will be very difficult to find your child at once.

What`s more, kids will play trick or treat, as they adore it so much. But what to expect behind closed doors and can you be sure that there will be no evildoer who can hurt your child? To come to the rescue in the fullness parents need to remember some basic safety tips. Here we go, below is the list of safety tips every parent should follow this Halloween.

Safe tips for trick or treating for parents:

1. Go to the party together

To be completely sure that everything is under control we suggest spending this Halloween together. It is great idea to understand your kid`s tastes, preferences, become more closely and break the age gap.

You can spend an evening with your child and discuss the costume for the party or help them make one. It can be even a family look for Halloween e.g. you can be a witch and your son can be a skeleton or terrific Count Dracula or vice versa.

Unfortunately, very often kids are ashamed to come with parents, because they are afraid to look like mamma`s darling and to be ridiculed by their peers.  That’s why having a conversation on safety rules is a must.

2. Warn kids about the dangers

Explain your child what can happen to them outside their own house. You can modulate situations and ask your kid`s opinion about cases you`ve proposed. If they do not know how to act in this or that situation you need to propose the right way of behavior. Forewarned is forearmed. What`s more, it is better to remember that in stressful situations kids can forget everything they knew.

3. Use simple technology like mSpy

This option is completely risk-free. If your kids plan to go alone this Halloween, plan their route. You can use GPS systems to fix borders for their movements. For example, you can set safe areas around (your home, next door homes, your relatives, friends) and hazard areas (remote and criminal areas). This feature will help you to be in the know and never lose track of your children. What’s more GPS systems give an opportunity to pinpoint the location of your child, using a map on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. It is very convenient when you are not around during the day. You don`t need to have any additional devices, just a phone to monitor where your child is at this very moment and their further movements. It is very convenient in use, because additional devices may simply be forgotten at home and your will not come to the rescue when they will need it.

Make sure to talk about the Safe tips for trick or treating with your children 

  • Never enter the house or a car to get candies or goods.
  • Never go to homes without a porch light.
  • Pick up the phone when your parents call.
  • Avoid doing trick or treating alone, always go with a group of kids.
  • Don`t forget safe rules for road crossing.
  • Avoid dislocate areas and unlit streets.

Remember that holidays is the best time for every criminal, especially child sexual abusers. It is difficult to understand how many kids were sexually abused, because it is not always reported. But in order to develop a deeper understanding of this issue it is better to look through approximate statistics on sexual abuse among kids.

David Finkelhor, the director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center studied this problem and came to the conclusion that:

  • 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys become a victim of child sexual abuse.
  • Only 20 % of  females adults and 5-10 %  of male adults recall a sexual assult or sexual abuse incidents in their childhood.
  • In the U.S. 16 % of teenagers from 14 to 17 were sexually victimized during one year.
  • In the U.S. 28 % of teenagers had been sexually victimized during their life span.
  • Kids are most vulnerable between the age of 7 and 13.

Modern world is full of dangers, but childhood is very short to spend it under lock. Don`t limit your children – give them an opportunity to use their pinafore stage of existence to its fullest, enjoy every single moment, play with friends and visit holiday parties. With mSpy GPS Tracker you can be sure your kids are safe and are exactly, where they are supposed to be.


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