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Learn from the KidLogger Review 2019 how to use parental controls for Android and iOS devices

Learn from the KidLogger Review how to use parental controls for Android and iOS devices

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1.What is KidLogger

Kidlogger is parental control software that allows monitoring computers and smartphones. The mission of the app is to provide cross-platform monitoring solutions to every user.
To understand the role of parental controls nowadays, let’s overview the whole market.
According to the 2017 Market Future’s report, the international parental control market will reach about $9.50 billion by 2023. The reasons are very simple: technology integration in people’s everyday life, online risks, and cybercrimes.

95% of worldwide population use devices. Besides bringing so many benefits into human life, devices are channels of any kind abuse and misuse. So using parental controls which regulate this stuff is obvious.

Online risks are evolving bringing about damage to kids around the globe. These are cyberbullying, contacts with online predators, fishing for personal information to execute the info or financial theft, dangerous online games or challenges (the Blue Whale Challenge), etc. In order to prevent kids’ participation in such activities, parents turn to monitoring applications.
Cybercrimes are subject to concerns for many: financial and state institutions, NGOs and worldwide organizations.

In this KidLogger review, we’ll cover the parental side of software.

2.General questions

2.1. How does service work (demo page)

To understand how it works, you need to try a demo version. allows a user to monitor what’s going on the other person’s phone, Mac, or PC. The system offers to register to give it a try and to understand if it’s a good fit. It provides cloud-based server which gathers, analyses, and stores the data.

To get started with the service, follow the following steps:

  1. Register and log in into your account at KidLogger.
  2. Add the device by indicating its name. You’ll have your ID number given by default, which is letters with digits in brackets.
  3. Download and set up the app on the target device.
  4. Relate it with your account on
  5. Find in KidLogger’s Options – Connect to KidLogger account.
  6. Indicate your email address on and tap Connect. The device’s name will appear in your dashboard.
  7. Get started with the software.

The developer claims that the app tracks every single activity on the target device. The user can have access to their dashboard from any corner of the world.

2.2.How to use service

The key service of is providing time records and efficiency reporting online which are available anytime anywhere. The user can overview device activity reporting, screenshots, media files of the monitored person.

If you’re a registered user, you can have access to the PC or phone with KidLogger app to and supervise the user’s activity. The system guarantees that any provided data is secured and not sharable.

Here’s how to view any activity and reports accordingly:

  1. Access your service account. Find the list of monitored devices in a Dashboard.
  2. Tap on the device’s name, and you’ll see all the information stored in the chronological order.
  3. From the filter, you can pick the exact time and date you want to check.
  4. On the right, find Analytics and pick Screenshots.

If you have a Standard or Pro account, you can also check stats of used apps, messages, typed symbols, web-stats, daily activity stats, files and folders use, voice recordings, locations.

2.3.Troubleshooting for service

There could be three possible problems users can encounter with KidLogger:

  1. A user cannot add a device – If you pick a Basic option, you can add five devices for one account. The same is for the Standard one. If you’re a Pro user, you can add up to ten devices. If you have more than ten kids to monitor, you’ll need to contact the staff to expand your monitoring opportunity.
  2. You made a payment, but your account was not upgraded – If you’re facing this trouble, feel free to fill out the contact form to report it. Also, don’t forget to indicate your order iD, the email address you entered to upgrade the service.
  3. The data are not available – Before ringing alarm bells, you need to understand how this kind of apps works: the data doesn’t occur immediately – after ten minutes after it was caught and logged. If you still do not get the data, feel free to address the support staff.
  4. No updates of journal files in the Dashboard – First, you need to make sure that the app itself functions correctly. It depends on the device:
    • On Android devices, you need to check the option Running or Running services
    • On Mac OS X check if KidLogger software is active after launching Activity monitor application
    • On Windows open the Task Manager and find KidLogger.exe.

If you can’t find the app in the list, it means the software was not initiated by a user or was stopped by somebody else.

The second option of the updates’ lack is an anti-virus software on PC. Usually, anti-viruses have a list of exceptions. Add Kidlogger.exe and (in MAC OS X), Kidlog.dll (in Windows) to it.

If you have an Android device, you should set an anti-virus to avoid KidLogger Monitoring Agent application.

The third case is when somebody else removed the app. Make sure you read the guidelines on how to hide the software for every platform. However, for Android and iOS, Symbian, Blackberry devices, it’s impossible to hide the app. This means that you have to get your child’s consent for installing the app.

Also, make sure your Internet connection and your child’s one work well.

2.4.FAQ page

In this section, we’ll cover the questions that users ask most of the time:

  1. How to get back the device that I deleted from the dashboard? – You need to boost KidLogger or KidLogger PRO on the monitored device. Connect again to the server by indicating your email address. Do not enter your old ID. Tap Connect. The software will get a new device ID from the server, and you’ll see a new device added.
  2. Is it possible to protect Kidlogger for Android devices from uninstallation? – To make the uninstallation process more difficult, add the app to Device Administration list. Also, you can set up Helper Service application. But make sure it’s not active. Go to Settings or Accessibility and make it active there. It will close Settings once a user taps Parental Time Control. The Helper hinders from uninstalling or modifying Parental time Control.

    Another way is to disable launching of Play Market and the phone’s Settings. In this case, they need to be placed in the list of blocked apps.

  3. KidLogger Pro doesn’t work. What can I do? – This option operates in background. For Android 6+ there are inbuilt power-saving apps that can ban any background process without notifying a user. Turn to the support staff for troubleshooting.

The keyword to identify this service is monitoring. It’s different from spying. Lots of people mess up these terms. However, monitoring is legal and maintained by the law in the US and the European Union.

According to their legislation, monitoring implies informed consent, PC ownership, and parental stewardship.

You can use it at home to monitor your kid’s activity on PC, mobile phones, and in the Network.
Business owners can use it for employees monitoring. They are authorized to supervise the staff on devices and online. As the property of the company, devices might be monitored. Employees should be informed about the fact of monitoring.

Monitoring that excludes the points stated above turn into spying. It is illegal and criminalized.

If you’re looking for a reliable application to use, make sure you know their positioning on the monitoring market. In order not to be involved in somebody’s shenanigans, read its privacy policy and other legal docs. Find articles, press releases that can reveal the app’s primary use. It’s better to use a parental control software than a spying one pretending to be parental.

2.6.How to monitor more devices using one account

This kind of service is used to being demanded by business owners, execs, CEOs. To supervise more than five devices, visit It is Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking SaaS service aimed at meeting monitoring needs of businesses. It shows every single worker’s activity on a particular device.

It can be used for parental supervising as well. You can view the activity of multiple devices and get more detailed reports and analytics.

Reports might be insightful as well. They show how employees manage their time. Here are the advantages you get with StaffCounter: tracking time spent on work and personal needs, controlling discipline and productivity in overall, viewing reports, schedules, and screenshots.
However, you have to follow the next sequence: first, remove Kidlogger monitoring agent and then set up Staff counter. If you want to combine both for Android devices, associate Kidlogger software to your account on

3.Kidlogger for Windows

3.1.About Kidlogger for Windows

Kids are more likely to use smartphones or tablets. It’s easier to speak with them. However, computers still matter. Here’s what you can do with KidLogger for Windows:

  1. Monitor keywords: the app sends you a screenshot once the specific word or phrase were typed by a child. This feature brings many insights to parents.
  2. View Skype video logs: the app records Skype video chats by making screenshots of Skype video frames.
  3. Get logs and screenshots to an email: the system sends log files and screen captures.
  4. Listen to voice or noise records: there’s Voice-Activated-Recording provided in MP3. Thus, a user can listen to Skype conversations, talk via Yahoo messenger, ICQ, and calls made in the room.
  5. Monitor apps, typed texts, and display pictures: altogether with these options, the system sends the precise time, date, and caption of the program ever launched.
  6. View the material stored on PC a user worked with (files, folders).
  7. Secure the app with a password.

KidLogger doesn’t have any spyware or adware elements. It protects the data provided by customers and do not divulge it to third parties.

You can stumble upon some anti-viruses that identify KidLogger as spyware. The reason is that it has keyboard hooking code that is categorized as spyware. In order to assure customers that the service is not a hidden one or doesn’t function as malware, Kidlogger has source-code.

3.2.How to install Kidlogger for Windows

To set up the app on PC, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the official site to download KidLogger monitoring agent.
  2. Extract install.exe from the package and run it as an admin.
  3. Open Start Menu or Desktop and pick KidLogger.
  4. Pick the users you want to monitor.
  5. Tap Options in the main window.
  6. Among General, Sound recorder, Screen capture, pick which activity you want to track.
  7. In the principal window, tap Start logging.

As we’ve previously stated, you can associate the KidLogger application to the account in This allows to see all the online activity and provides multiple reports on user Activity. When the app and are connected, the activity journal and screenshots will be stored on which can be accessed only by a user.
Follow the next steps to do it:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Start the app as an admin on the target device.
  3. Tap Options in the program’s principal window and open tab.
  4. Pick Connect to your account.
  5. Indicate your credentials used for registering.
  6. Tap Connect to account
  7. The new device ID will be set up and by default indicated in the field.
  8. To connect the app to a virtual device, enter its device ID into the field. Tap Connect to account.
  9. Get back to your account and view the information.

3.3.Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for Windows

Let’s regard the most frequently asked questions:

  1. The feature doesn’t work at all, what should I do? – First, find if the feature turned off or not by checking KidLogger Options. After modifying it, restart the software. If you monitor from Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8, you need to manage it as an admin.
  2. I cannot listen to audio recordings, what should I do? – Before proceeding to the feature, test it out. Start the app, find Options, Sound Recorder. Scroll the slider in extreme left position, pick the micro and test the sound recording.
  3. I do not manage to see the name of the desired user. In this case, you need to open Options. Find the tab General and verify if the option “Log any user on this PC” is enabled.
  4. Keystrokes recording doesn’t work or work improperly. What should I do?
    Here are some possible situations:

    1. Kidlog.dll file was erased or blocked by some anti-viruses from KidLogger folder. In this case, you need to reinstall the app and put into the list of anti-viruses’ exceptions.
    2. The app cannot differentiate sentences. So sometimes they are confused.
    3. KidLogger catches only first 50 symbols.

4.Kidlogger PRO for Windows

4.1.About Kidlogger PRO for Windows

This super option is transferable and can be initiated from any location without setting up. The target user doesn’t notice it and recognize on the screen.

It was created for anonymous supervising. You can download it as a Pro member.
Here are some benefits of KidLogger PRO:

  • Functioning in stealth mode
  • No sign in the list of installed apps
  • All features of the Standard app
  • Get the data of several user accounts delivered to various virtual devices on your account on service

4.2.How to install Kidlogger PRO for Windows

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Turn off the anti-virus protection because it can be identified as a spyware (this happens with monitoring apps). Also, if a browser identifies it as spyware, turn off Fishing and malware protection (after downloading, turn it on).
  2. If you installed Kidlogger monitoring agent previously, uninstall it.
  3. Access your Standard or PRO user account on server and go to Download page. Tap on Download link.
  4. Open the archive (password 12345) and initiate install-windows7-8.bat file as admin
  5. You’ll see the destination directory where Kidlogger PRO was set up. Ever to make changes, you need to remember the address where you set up Kidlogger PRO application.
  6. Pick users you’re willing to supervise. Tap Options.
  7. Create a password on the control panel. Thus, a user won’t be able to stop or unset up Kidlogger PRO application.
  8. Tap Ok and Start.

If you’re willing to uninstall it, find the setup package and run Clean.bat as an admin. Make the same thing from the user account.

4.3.Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for Windows

Here are the most frequent questions:

  1. If the function doesn’t work, what can I do? Find Options, whether the feature is on or off. Reinitiate the app. Make sure you run the app on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 as an admin.
  2. I do not hear audio recordings, what should I do? Please, follow the instructions given in 3.3.2.
  3. KidLogger doesn’t permit to make modifications in Settings, what should I do? To make changes or modifications in KidLogger’s options, you need to run it as an admin.
  4. The app doesn’t mark the second user who’s not running as an admin, what should I do?
    Manage KidLogger as an admin and cease monitoring. Then close the software. Reinitiate it as an admin and verify all available users in a principal window. Begin the monitoring again.

5.Kidlogger for Android

5.1.About Kidlogger for Android

There’s a brand new software for Android devices – Parental Time Control, which allows keeping tabs on children and protect them online.

The app prevents kids from online risks, online games, uncontrolled web surfing, tech addiction. Parents’ routines will become much easier, and they’ll have all the chances to keep a peace of mind.

Kids will increase their school performance, catch up after the sleep deprivation, take up outdoor activities. In overall, the software enables parents to supervise how children use smartphones and keep records how much time is spent on games.

5.2.How to install Parental Time Control for Android

After downloading the app, the system brings out a wizard and suggests to arrange the rules. First, it wonders if the device belongs to a child. After confirming it, tap Yes and click Next button. The server will attribute an exclusive ID to the monitoring application.

From now on, you can set up daily time restrictions and school time. While studies, only educational apps are allowed. Your kid will have as much time as you allow for games and entertainment.

Also, you can set the prevention against removing and making changes. To do it, create a password and run as an admin. After making changes, tap Finish.

The following step is to associate the app to your online account on server. Indicate your email address and click Connect button.

Right after you begin using the program, it will recommend installing the Helper Service. It will reinitiate the program if it was blocked by the system or anti-virus. If being active, this module prevents any tricks with the Parental time Control program in the phone’s settings. Besides, it allows making screenshots of the sites visited on the Google Chrome browser.

5.3.Troubleshooting for Parental Time Control for Android

The users often come with the following questions:

  • I cannot see all the data; it seems all of them were not delivered.
    The first reason for such inconvenience is the lack of the Internet connection and the gap between the last web availability and the target person’s activity on the device. If you have a person next to you, ask them to send you some info using the Internet-related app in order for you to check the program. If you have a device itself, initiate the app and tap “View log file” to monitor the data you need.
  • My software doesn’t record web addresses on Google Chrome.
    Check if you have Helper Service set up, initiate Parental time control and if this element is not set up, the software pops up the notification.
  • Photos are not delivered, what can I do?
    Please, before purchasing any of the options, make sure you know what features are available for each of them. Viewing photos is available only to KidLogger PRO customers; meantime, simple KidLogger users can just be informed about the fact the photo was taken.

6.KidLogger PRO for Android

6.1.About KidLogger PRO for Android

The developer starts describing this option with questions dealing with partners’ infidelity. Usually, Premium or Pro packages are very powerful and can really provide many insights about other people.

mSpy insists on using monitoring apps exceptionally on monitoring kids. But in this section, we’ll cover the way KidLogger is positioned by its manufacturers. It promises to provide that kind of information that may help sort things out with relationships.

Here’s the list of KidLogger PRO key features for Android:

  1. Another person won’t be able to detect the app. However, it’s irremovable from the Running application list because it is the main system feature.
  2. A user can record calls and listen to the audio recording of any of them.
  3. It’s possible to view photos taken by the target device.
  4. A customer can use a keylogger feature: the system delivers text capture or virtual keyboard replacement.

A customer can receive messages’ records, such as Skype, Line, Viber, Kik, Hike, BBM, Whatsapp, Tango, KakaoTalk, IMO, Facebook.

6.2.How to install KidLogger PRO 1.6.83+ for Android

Before setting up the app, make the following preps:

  • Turn off anti-virus as the monitoring software can be deemed as a spyware
  • Provide permission to Non-market apps (Device Settings – Security – Unknown sources)
  • Remove Kidlogger Parental Control (the old free version) as it is not compatible with KidLogger PRO as well as Helper Service (Kidlogger Helper) and TalkBAckTS application
  • Access your account on site
  • On the Download page, find the KidLogger PRO for Android
  • Download it and retrieve it to a new folder
  • Set up PRO_agenet.apk

To get started, follow the next steps:

  • Open an installed software
  • Tap Allow usage data access
  • Tap System Android
  • Turn on Allow usage tracking
  • Get back and tap Allow Administration access
  • Tap Activate
  • Get back and tap Install Support Android
  • Tap Install
  • Get back and tap Activate Support Android
  • Turn on Support Android
  • Get back and tap Connect to Server
  • Tap on your account
  • Enter your email address, user for being registered on
  • Get back and tap Hide the application icon
  • Remove packages unless you still need them

Note: Support Android may not be set up on Android 7 or 8 mechanically. Set it up manually from the Download folder by using TalkBackTS_4.apk file.

6.3.How to install KidLogger PRO 1.6.55-1.6.80 for Android

Make sure you have your preps done before setting up KidLogger PRO:

  • Turn off an anti-virus program
  • Provide permission to non-market apps in Device Settings – Security – Unknown sources
  • Access your account on site
  • Unset up Kidlogger Parental Control and Helper Service (Kidlogger Helper)
  • Open the Download page and click KidLogger PRO for Android
  • Download it and open its file’s archive
  • Unzip it into a new folder
  • There will be another archive with a password in it. Retrieve it into a new folder by using a password 12345
  • Set up PRO_agent.apk
  • For Android 5+ you need to provide access to KidLogger PRO(KMA)
  • Go to Settings on the target device, find Security and Apps with usage access

The following steps will complete the installation process:

  • Set up Tkeyboard.apk
  • Set it to work as a default keyboard application (Device Settings – Language and input – Android keyboard – on). Pick the language, enter *123456# – initiate control panel
  • On phones, you’ll be able to initiate the app by inputting 123456#

Also, you can do it with TalkBackTS:

  • In the archive’s root, find TalkBackTS_4.apk and install it
  • On Android, open Accessibility and turn on TalkBackTS
  • Turn it off
  • Call *123456# to initiate the control panel of Kidlogger PRO
  • Open Android’s Settings and turn on TalkBackTS (it tracks the keystrokes, internet, text messages, etc.

6.4.Troubleshooting for Kidlogger PRO for Android

If your device doesn’t record calls, there might be the case when some features are switched off. Initiate KidLogger PRO, go to Settings and turn on All the features. Here are other possible variants:

  1. Your phone contains another recorder. Remove it as well. Another reason for this problem is your phone being stuffed with files and programs which make the process heavy.
  2. Call logs were damaged during being delivered or sent. Find then on the target phone in Audio list tab from Preview list file after initiating KidLogger application.
  3. Check out the formats: you download records in html which you have to change to 3gp if it’s a phone. On PC, you should set up k-lite codec pack to listen to records via Windows media player.

If your device doesn’t record keystrokes, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messages, set up Support Android (TalkBackTS_4) element. It is accessible for PRO users on the Download page.

7.Kidlogger for MAC

7.1.About Kidlogger for MAC

By installing KidLogger on MAC, you have access to the following features:

  • Keyword supervising: the user indicates the exact word of phrase to track, and the app sends the screenshot once they are typed by the target person. For example, words “sex”, “drugs”, “alcohol’ might be identified easily.
  • Web browsing monitoring: the software records URLs of all visited websites.
  • Password creation in order to prevent the program’s removal or getting around.

There are actually 16 monitoring features for KidLogger users. Here are other ones:

  • Tracking of the opened apps
  • Recording of the sounds, noise all around
  • Track websites (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Text tracking
  • Monitoring of Mac events: user login and logoff, screensaver start, etc.
  • Making screenshots of typed keywords
  • Functioning in Stealth mode

7.2.How to install Kidlogger for MAC

Follow these steps to set up Kidlogger for MAC:

  • Go to System Settings – Security and Privacy and tap General button. Find Allow applications downloaded from and pick Anywhere
  • Go to, download the file, and open it
  • Pick the convenient version of Mac OS
  • Replace to the Applications folder
  • Initiate KidLogger and tap Options
  • Go to and pick Upload to server
  • Enter the email address used for the registration in Device ID field
  • Pick user profiles to supervise since if you pick all of them, you’ll get the whole information from the device
  • If you pick tables General or Screen Capture, you’ll specify what exactly you’re willing to track: screenshots and texts, or all of them.
  • In the principal window of the software, tap Start

If you want to track keystrokes, go to System Preferences – Security and Privacy, Accessibility – Unlock the settings and verify if KidLogger is turned on.
After all these steps, you can reboost the PC.

7.3.Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for MAC

There are four main questions popping up when using KidLogger for Mac:

  1. It doesn’t work, what should I do? Go to KidLogger Options and check if this feature is turned on. Make sure you possess admin privileges to execute the installation and the initiation from the user account. Or, the app’s settings won’t be saved and respectively, it won’t function properly.
  2. I cannot read Skype incoming messages. This tech inconvenience is being fixed since it’s difficult to seize them.
  3. The program doesn’t track keywords. In System Preferences, activate Universal Access. However, make sure you have set up the correct version of KidLogger.
  4. I cannot monitor another one user. First, you need to find KidLogger in the list of installed applications. Then tap on the Logs folder and pick Get info. In Sharing and Permissions, you need to set up the privilege Read and Write.

8.Kidlogger PRO for MAC

8.1.About Kidlogger PRO for MAC

A user can take it anywhere. No installation is required. A target person won’t see it, and its screen is barely visible. It is especially created for secret supervising and available for PRO users. By using KidLogger for Mac, users get the following benefits:

  • The app functions in stealth mode
  • No sign in the list of installed apps
  • Provides all the options of Standard Kidlogger
  • Hardly recognizable while working with it

8.2.How to install Kidlogger PRO for MAC

Follow these simple steps to set up KidLogger:

  • Deactivate an anti-virus since KidLogger can be identified as spyware
  • Access your account on
  • From the Download page, download file, and open it
  • Shift Kidlogger Monitoring to folders with common access (Applications, Utilities)
  • Initiate Kidlogger Monitoring Agent application
  • Pick the user profiles to supervise in Users
  • In General and Screen capture, indicate what exactly you’re willing to record
  • Create a password to protect against an unauthorized intervention into the app’s functioning
  • Tap Start in the principal window.

8.3.Troubleshooting for Kidlogger for MAC

The general question ever asked by users is “a function doesn’t work, what should I do.”
As with Android, you need to check out if the option is turned on. After making configurations, reinitiate the app. Make sure you operate as an administrator to get benefits from the app.
Also, users ask why they cannot track keystrokes. In this case, you need to enable Universal Access and make sure you set up the right version of KidLogger for Mac.

As for a simple Kidlogger for Mac, PRO is not available for Mac OS 10.9 due to Apple’s modifications.

9.Kidlogger for BlackBerry

9.1.About Kidlogger for BlackBerry

While Blackberry devices are not so popular, KidLogger monitors them as well. Here are the features available for this type of devices:

  • Supervising the phone’s activity: calls and their duration, names of people from the contact book, text messages, and effective programs
  • Data availability from any corner of the world
  • Tracks apps
  • Location tracking of the device and providing of its GPS history via the Google Map

Note that KidLogger works on BlackBerry OS 5 and newer mobile phones.

9.2.How to install Kidlogger for Blackberry

Follow the following steps to make KidLogger work on Blackberry devices:

  1. On create a free account and a new device in the dashboard.
  2. Enter the device’s name and tap “Add computer” (as an example). The program will attribute the ID for a new device.
  3. Follow the link to download the app:
  4. Just follow all the instructions provided while installing.
  5. Open the Applications folder and tap Settings.
  6. Pick Option to adjust monitoring procedures and to indicate the data to upload on server.
  7. Enter the ID number from your virtual account into your Blackberry phone.
  8. Tap Start and get started with the app
  9. Access your account to view activities of the target device.

10.Kidlogger for iPhone

10.1.About Kidlogger for iPhone

The biggest asset of KidLogger for iPhone is the opportunity to track the device’s location on Google Map at any particular moment. This makes sense for parents who are obliged to take night shifts, business trips and who still want to be aware where their kids are. However, before installing the app, make sure you checked the compatibility and availability of the features you need.

10.2.How to install Kidlogger for iPhone

There’s a very simple procedure to install the app on iPhones:

  • Create an account on server
  • Add a new device with a unique ID
  • Download and set up the software on the phone
  • Initiate the KidLogger app
  • Tap on Settings, upload log files
  • Enter the device’s ID
  • Tap Start button
  • Access your account to view the activity of the target person.

11.Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is a parental control app which mastered the support of the US and European legislation and operated within them. Its positioning is well described in its legal docs exposed on the site.

The app’s team raises awareness on online risks and dangers kids and families can encounter in overall. Its mission is to protect kids online, including preventing any dangerous activity there. mSpy is a flat-out a solution for all caretakers since it works great for online and offline parental needs.

The pricing policy is flexible and can meet any specific need thanks to several types of subscriptions.

The support staff is very helpful. Besides, there’s mAssistance, where the team’s members assist a user from scratch.

It has a strong data security policy. Thus, you don’t have to be worried that someday the app will be hacked and your data will be stolen. It sticks to the GDPR guidelines.
To sum up, mSpy is a good fit from multiple points of view – its functionality and support as well as pricing policy and data protection.


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