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Warning Signs Of Stress In Kids

Warning Signs Of Stress In Kids

Although childhood is a merry and happy time, it’s also an age when the kid is the most vulnerable and insecure. They perceive the world their own way and sometimes get pressured by their peers, friends and even parents. It’s a common belief that an adequate amount of stress is beneficial for kids. It helps […]

Happy Thanksgiving from mSpy

Happy Thanksgiving from mSpy

mSpy, the number one parental control app has been providing parents with precise and reliable data from their children monitored devices to help them understand their online and offline lifestyle. Aid them make better decisions and prevent online dangers. mSpy has all over these years been strongly against cyberbullying, inappropriate web content available for kids, […]

Best educational free apps for teens in 2018

Best educational free apps for teens in 2017

There are lots of apps on various mobile platform app stores. Some are quite good and important, while others have nothing tangible to offer. Teenagers are in their formative years and learning through apps is one of the fun ways for them to acquire knowledge. These educative apps increase their mental alertness and creativity. We […]

Cyberbullying as a suicide phenomenon among teens

There is a very thin line between cyberbullying and suicide. In recent years, a wave of cyberbullying-related suicide precedents around the globe has drawn an attention of a public eye. Nevertheless, many parents still consider cyberbullying a “childish trick”. But its outcomes are much more serious. In some cases, cyberbullying can even lead to the […]