My kid is lost: how to track a cell phone?

The worst fear of any mother is getting their kid lost at the mall. Big stores, especially on big sales days, are huge distractions even for hyper responsible moms. One second you’re looking for a price tag, the next your kid disappears in the crowd. Not to scare but to inform you  “about 800 000 […]

10 must-have apps for your kid’s Mac

Turn your kid’s Mac into a portable mini-school. Get them surprised by taking the initiative, handing a Mac, and suggesting to try an app. Mac can be equipped with so many great apps and your kid won’t want to switch to the series or YouTube channels you don’t approve. Here’s an overview of 10 must-have […]

How to set parental controls on a Samsung tablet

How to set parental controls on Samsung tablet?

Parental controls became a necessity in the realities of Internet dangers and kids’ free access to it. Mobile applications’ developers realize that nowadays parental controls have to meet the expectations of worried parents and be as practical as possible. Here’s a guide for parents who use Samsung devices on how to set parental controls. Samsung […]

How to make your iPad safe for kids with parental controls?

How to make your iPad safe for kids with parental controls?

Kids love using iPad as they can play games, solve puzzles, type, draw, read educational books, explore multi-touch navigation, etc. And, of course, the company took care of parental control for iPad to make the device’s usage as safe as possible. Activating parental control is essential when it comes to the kid’s safety. It’s your […]

How to set parental control on Android tablet

How to put parental controls on Android tablet?

Over the globe, parents start ringing alert bells since the Blue Whale Challenge, the Silent House, and F-57 circulate over the Internet. These so-called games encourage teens to commit suicide. The Blue Whale Challenge (Game) took lives of about 130 kids all over the world and still continue to engage children. It’s almost impossible to […]