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How Can We See Other People’s Snapchat History?

Agnes W Linn

Are they on Snapchat? Then it’s perfectly natural for you to wonder how to see other people’s Snapchat history. After all, Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps. And if they’re like a lot of kids, they use it daily to communicate with friends (and even strangers).

But as fun as Snapchat is, disappearing messages can be an absolute nightmare — especially for parents concerned about what their kids are saying on similar apps that don’t even offer vanishing messages.

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Why You Should Worry About Disappearing Messages?

New to disappearing messages? They’re exactly what they sound like — messages that disappear after they’re viewed by the recipient. While they give kids the freedom to have private conversations, there’s a dark side to disappearing messages that you should know about.


When a child is being bullied, they may become embarrassed and afraid. And the last thing they want to do is involve an adult. But if an adult grabs their kid’s phone, the evidence is right there in plain English. Not so on Snapchat. With disappearing messages on Snapchat, these abusive messages vanish, giving cyberbullies the upper hand.

Inappropriate Pics & Vids

There’s a reason why teens love Snapchat — and it has nothing to do with the fun emojis and bitmojis you can send and receive. No, it has everything to do with the fact that pictures and videos disappear after being viewed. While that feature can be fun, for teens, it can be dangerous.

Check other people’s Snapchat, especially young adults in the dating scene, and you’ll probably come across controversial pictures and videos. We’re talking about sexually explicit content. With Snapchat, people more comfortable sending these kinds of photos and videos, knowing that they’ll disappear.


It’s no secret that the Internet is swarming with people who are up to no good. And Snapchat is no exception.

Knowing how to intercept Snapchat messages is key if you want to stop a predator in their tracks. That’s because, with disappearing messages, a predator doesn’t have to worry about their messages being seen by an adult. Scary but true.

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How to View Other People’s Snapchat

If you’re worried about what’s in their Snapchat conversations, you need to know how to view someone’s Snapchat history. There’s one sure-fire way to do so. Just grab their phone and follow a few steps.

Remember, assuming you want to read your own child’s Snapchat, and they are under 18 and living under your roof, it’s perfectly legal in many jurisdictions to read their Snapchat conversations. But of course, you should always check your local laws before proceeding.

Assuming you know the password to unlock their phone, you can download their Snapchat data history. Here’s how:

  1. Open Snapchat on their phone.
  2. Click their avatar (located at the top left of the screen).
  3. Click the Settings icon at the top right.
  4. Look for My Data and tap it.
  5. If asked, log in.
  6. Tap Submit Request.

If you’re prompted to log in, this means you’ll need to know their Snapchat username and password if you want to look at other people’s Snapchat. You’ll also need to know their email address and password — even if you’re not prompted for Snapchat login details. That’s because Snapchat emails out a log to the email address on file.

Assuming you’ve jumped through all the hoops successfully, you’ll receive a log file with their Snapchat history. But keep in mind that not every conversation and every bit of information will be in it. That’s because Snapchat stores various bits of information for different time periods.

You also won’t have access to every disappearing message. That’s why you need a monitoring app.

mSpy Is a Monitoring App That Can Help You Look at Other People’s Snapchat

If you’re worried that being able to see other people’s Snapchats is more difficult than you think, we’re here to help. With an app like mSpy, you can actually see all their Snapchat messages, including messages that have disappeared.

mSpy is a parental control monitoring app that lets you see their private social media conversations on the world’s most popular messaging apps. That includes Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and, of course, Snapchat.

Just log in to your Control Panel and you’ll stop asking yourself how to view someone’s Snapchat history because it’s all right there. Pictures. Videos. Texts.

But what about disappearing messages? mSpy can help with that too, thanks to a few innovative tools.

  • Screenrecorder. mSpy includes a built-in screen recording tool that takes snapshots of exactly what’s on their screen. So if they’re using Snapchat, mSpy can take snapshots, stitch together a conversation, and show you what they’ve been talking about. That means if they’ve deleted a message or if something has disappeared, you’ll know about it.
  • Keyword Alerts. When you purchase mSpy, you’ll feel like a superhero knowing how to view others Snapchat. It’s all thanks to Keyword Alerts. Just set the keywords you want to monitor and tell mSpy to watch for them. If those words come up in their Snapchat conversations, mSpy will alert you. So if they’re using words like sex or drugs or talking about something that you really want to know about, mSpy can alert you.
  • Keylogger. If you don’t have a big enough hunch about what they’re chatting about to set a Keyword Alert, you can always take advantage of the built-in Keylogger. In a nutshell, it captures every keystroke typed, so whatever they’re saying in Snapchat, you’ll know about it.

Choose mSpy to Look at Other People’s Snapchat

Knowing how to read someone’s Snapchat messages is important, particularly for parents who are concerned about disappearing messages, cyberbullying, sexual content, and predators. While you can always check out their chats by asking to see their phone, a monitoring app like mSpy makes things much easier.

If you’re interested in mSpy, it’s easy to get started. Just purchase a subscription, check your email for install instructions, and follow the simple steps. Once the app is installed on their device, you’ll be able to see their conversations and view their history.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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