MaxxSpy review 2019: is there something better for people willing to monitor?

Daniel Black
MaxxSpy review: is there something better for people willing to monitor

MaxxSpy app is one of the multiple apps on the monitoring market which offers spy services. Its developers do not hide the whole idea – to stop “being lied and cheated on” with the help of technology.

The use of similar apps is murky and unethical. However, lots of people in relationships use it to get some insights into their significant others.

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What is MaxxSpy?

It is a mobile spy application designed to help jealous girlfriends and boyfriends to track their partners every single step to identify whether they cheat on them. Whatever the phone activity is, the software promises to deliver it to the monitoring person. A user has an account where they can view all the data from the target device.

How does MaxxSpy work?

The app works in a stealth mode. It tracks text messages, calls, contacts, photos, online activities, and apps usage. It identifies the person’s exact location and demonstrates it on a virtual map.

To install MaxxSpy, you’ll need a physical access to the target device. Once installed, you can make modifications remotely from the control panel. By entering account credentials, you get access to it. If you want to know how to move an iPhone to another email address, contact the MaxxSpy support team.

A user might be far away from a target person, but still supervise them if there are a PC and the Internet connection. However, before setting up the app, it is desirable to check its compatibility with a target device.

What phones does MaxxSpy work on?

The manufacturer claims that the app supports the following iPhone versions: 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S; iPad and iPad2. This is where the issue of jailbreaking comes.

If MaxxSpy requires jailbreaking, it exposes the customer’s phone to the following dangers: malware and viruses, shortened battery life, inaccurate date and tech inconveniences, no updates and support from Apple, etc.

Also, before entertaining any of these procedures, make sure you’re ready to consecrate your phone’s data on behalf of a dubious app. To install MaxxSpy on a smartphone, the version must be 2.2+

If you want to know how to install MaxxSpy into a target iPhone, you need to turn to Cydia.
To remind, Cydia is a package manager mobile software that allows setting up apps on jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices.

To install MaxxSpy on an iPhone, execute the following:

  • Open Cydia and find the app
  • Pick Install
  • Open Springboard and tap the icon
  • Log in to associate the device with an account
  • Pick Hide MaxxSpy

If you don’t know how to remove MaxxSpy, it’s very easy – from your account. After accessing the page, find Setting and Uninstall MaxxSpy. Enter your account’s password and tap Uninstall MaxxSpy. When you remove it remotely, to have it back, you’ll need a physical access to the target phone again.

According to the US legislation and one of the European countries, it is illegal to spy on people since it violates human rights for privacy. Thus, if you see such powerful media as Mashable mentioned on the site as such as covered this app’s worldwide use, you should know – they play tricks with customers. Why? Reputable media which are opinion influencers and thought leaders would never compromise with the law and human rights for privacy.

Spy apps in the light of Privacy Laws and Practice.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states that privacy is a core right of every human being. So, do the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and many other regional treaties. Privacy is all about human dignity and among key values.

Almost every country describes privacy as an undeniable human right in its constitutions. At least, the provisions there mention that nobody under no circumstances has the right to violate the home and the secrecy of communications. So, what does MaxxSpy do? It breaks private communications.

Why should MaxxSpy be the best solution?

As it was previously stated, spy apps often come under the sauce of monitoring apps. The latter claims to work well for business owners and overprotective parents. If used for these case scenarios, it might be a way out if the target person is:

  • An employee who knows that their superior has the right to monitor at workplaces
  • A kid with a deviant behavior whose tracking is a must
  • A rebellious teen who is used to running from home or wandering after school
  • Older people whose adult kids want to be sure they are fine
  • Caretakers and custody providers

In a nutshell, the cases mentioned above are permitted by the law and are considered ethical.

What features does MaxxSpy offer?

Usually, apps like MaxxSpy are well customized. You can literally view the whole mobile phone activity, and, thus, get to know everything about the target person.

If you want to know the very essence of somebody’s communication, you have three options: listening to call recordings and surroundings and viewing call logs.

If you want to play an FBI agent, you can record phone calls with timestamps. You can have them recorded and delivered to your control panel. From there, it’s possible to download recordings to PC or any other device.

Also, MaxxSpy provides the opportunity to record sounds around the device. It’s called “ambient recording”. It might be helpful for investigations if the relevant agencies are empowered. Otherwise, it’s also illegal and wrong.

Tracking text messages also might be an object of interest for suspicious partners. MaxxSpy makes any communication visible. Even deleted texts are available from the control panel. Moreover, you can see who has written and when. It’s impossible to hide secret relationships with this app.

Partners are usually interested in such apps to track their significant other’s GPS location. This can speak volume, whether they spend time with somebody else, go somewhere you don’t know, hide something, etc. MaxxSpy allows its users to follow every single step of the target person. This is basically a true message of any spy app. The MaxxSpy team says it’s helpful for employers and parents. It promises an accurate tracking of workers’ location. Does it make sense? It’s up to them to decide.

Meanwhile, parents can get benefits from it in terms of both remote supervising and working. They can identify the child’s exact whereabouts at a necessary time with timestamps and view the route history. This feature is particularly powerful when it’s about any type of abduction.

Every year, 800 000 kids go missing due to different reasons, including abduction caused by family members and strangers. In these cases, the app’s use is absolutely approved.
These are basic monitoring features any spy app contains. Users usually ask “How do I see the SMS, Call Logs and Location tracking information?”. All this information is available in the user’s control panel. Once the data is logged, you have access to it anytime from any device.

Another feature sounds purely spy – “intercept instant messages”. This means you can read iMessages exchanged via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and even Yahoo messengers. The latter sounds like an old way to communicate, but it might make sense for people under 50. Since there’s no strictly defined age-oriented target audience for such apps, monitoring Yahoo messenger might be quite helpful. Altogether with iMessages reading, there’s the opportunity to view multimedia files exchanges between companions. There’s no better evidence than a photo proving something you used to be suspicious about.

Communicating via emails is the thing of the past. Who writes a letter to a friend or even a beloved one via an email? However, it’s still a corporate way of communication. That’s why reading emails might be interesting for employers. Monitoring emails employees use for work is permitted by the law within the US and European legislation on monitoring at workplaces.

When stumbling upon spy apps, users get attracted with its online activity monitoring feature. Why not? It delivers every single site ever visited to a monitoring person. Thus, if somebody is stuck on a site 18+ or dating one, there are all the chances to get to know about it.
MaxxSpy also offers its customers to control apps and programs. Through a control panel, they have access to the list of apps installed on the target device.

Although MaxxSpy suggests a solid number of features, it still goes as a spy app and tackles the question whether its use is legal, ethical, and moral. Or, whether it’s possible to find out an appropriate alternative, which is the mSpy parental control app is.

Why is mSpy better?

In 2017, there were notorious cases of the data leak, starting with giants like Facebook and finishing with customers’ data of such tiny fish as PhoneSheriff and Mobile Spy. The latter underwent cyber-attacks resulted in a massive personal data leak of their customers. The conclusion is unique – guys there didn’t care too much about the data security.

Meanwhile, the mSpy app survived and fortified its safety system and adjusted it to comply with the GDPR guidelines. That way, it is a reliable app which looks closely after its customers’ personal information. Here are also sound reasons why you should pick the mSpy parental control app:

  • It doesn’t make you compromise with the law and ethics since its positioning is well described in the official documents
  • It’s a parental control app and monitoring software which might be a solution for business owners within the law
  • It has more than 30 monitoring features, including Keylogger and managing features with allow not just identifying the problem, but to manage it
  • It allows monitoring of all the most popular social media messengers (Kik, Instagram Direct, Line, even Tinder, etc.)
  • It raises awareness and instructs parents by providing tangible tips on kids’ safe digital behavior
  • It is accountable to customers in terms of data storage and erasure
  • It has a flexible pricing policy so every customer could find the most convenient way to use the app
  • It has 24/7 available customer support staff in 8 languages
  • It is represented on Google Play and Apple Store which means it is trustworthy

Summing up

Nowadays, people with “supervising needs” should better look for reliability and trustworthiness than only for features. Almost every monitoring software allows users to know everything about the other person. But keeping the data safe and secured is an indicator of a reputable company who care about its customers. mSpy is all about this.

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