McAfee Mobile Security 2013

McAfee is well-known for providing high-quality protection for any PC, laptop or tablet. Top technical magazines and websites keep enthusiastically praising its “brainchildren”, and McAfee gets heaps of awards for its highly usable and intuitive applications. The company does wonders with the security options and can make your smartphone virtually invincible. It’s like every malicious hacker’s worst nightmare!

McAfee Mobile Security boasts antivirus protection that guards your mobile phone from any harmful content. This application comes packed with special anti-theft features and offers you unlimited cloud storage for your data.
$29.99 is a steal for this software as its list of security features for Android smartphones and tablets is more than impressive. And if you were starting to think that Android was the only mobile platform that could be protected by McAfee Mobile Security, you are mistaken – versions of this application have also hit the BlackBerry and Symbian App Stores. On the minor side, their functionality is not as extensive.

Antivirus Protection
Wherever you feel plagued by a worrying thought that your smartphone might be under a malware infestation right now, you can initiate a full scan to spot any malware on your phone. Once the process is over, McAfee stays in the background to shield your phone from any new malware attacks. What’s more,  this app informs you about the website reputation. Using its SiteAdvisor database, McAfee will protect you from harmful sites and malicious QR codes.

Anti-Theft Features
McAfee can be applauded for a variety of options for handling the problem of a lost or stolen mobile device. If you’ve simply forgotten where you last put it down, activated screamer will find its location. Also, you can go to McAfee’s Web portal and check its location there. Just in case, you can lock the phone so anyone finding it can’t access your data. And even if you’ve lost your last hope of finding your cell phone, you can easily remove its data.
If your phone was stolen and the thief thinks he’ll get away with it by replacing your SIM card, that thief would be greatly mistaken. McAfee will instantly lock the phone as soon as your SIM card gets removed.

Data Protection
McAfee backs up not only your contacts, but also your photos, videos, calendar appointments and call history. All saved data is stored in your McAfee account and can be restored to any device of your choice.

Call and SMS Filtering
To make this application look even more promising to the users, McAfee’s developers equipped it with a blacklisting feature. Similar to mSpy Android traker, if you block a number, the calls and messages from it just won’t reach you.

There’s also an option to block any caller who’s not in your contact list, thereby eliminating spam texts, wrong numbers, and the like.

Mobile security

Overall, smartphone users will find McAfee a great app to work with, as it makes them leave all worries about their favorite device getting lost, stolen or infected by viruses behind. Just the fact that it offers so many important features for protecting your cell phone is a good reason to give it a try.

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