Spying can be carried out not only by means of hardware or software (I’ll tell about it later in this article), but by less tangible means. I mean the media of air, water etc. Man has been employing land and water animals and birds to monitor and track the required targets since the ancient times. There are specialized mechanisms to spy in the air or water media as well.

There are interesting cases concerning the air medium, both conventional and non-conventional ones.

Giant Concrete Ears as Weird Spying Artifacts

The massive concrete acoustic mirrors, or “listening ears”, along the southeast coast of England were built in 1920s to intercept the earliest sounds of airborne invasion. These sound mirrors were part of Britain’s national defense strategy. Their parabolic shape collected and magnified sound waves in the air over the English Channel and directed them at a microphone positioned just in front of the parabola; then anti-aircraft defenses were deployed. The mirrors effectively gave Britain a 15-minute warning of an impending attack. The site has three different reflectors: a 200-foot-long curved wall, a 30-foot-tall parabolic dish, and a 20-foot-tall shallow dish.

Nowadays, they are the impressive relics of that epoch of inter-wars fear and the arms race.

Possible Countermeasures for Privacy Breach

The revelations of Edward Snowden, the NSA scandal, as well as the number of recent leaks on privacy breach all over the world lead to the development of overall awareness concerning governmental spying on citizens’ private life. The immediate reaction can range from open outrage, in the case of high-rank politicians, to ridiculous countermeasures undertaken by ordinary Jacks and Joes. Here is one of them.

This summer, Deer Trail, a small Colorado town, was considering a measure that would allow its residents to hunt for federal drones and shoot them down. The Town Board of Trustees (six trustees and the mayor) could vote on the drone ordinance at its regular meeting. If passed, it would legalize the sale of drone hunting licenses for $25 and offer bounties for captured drones. It takes a simple majority vote to pass the ordinance that, though purely symbolically, draws the borderline against privacy infringement. The town Mayor Frank Fields says the purpose of the ordinance would be “to have fun and bring in business, tourism and activities for people in town”.

As far as we know, the ordinance wasn’t passed, but it has created a precedent that can attract the most unusual followers.



Speaking about software for tracking and monitoring, I cannot but tell you about its efficiency. Nowadays, there are mobile tracking and monitoring applications, like mSpy, that can exert all the functions of a top-rank classical detective or a national counterintelligence agent, and even more. These apps possess numerous functions that allow you to track text messages, IMs, contacts and events, locations and movements, as well as multimedia data flowing with the help of a humble cell phone. Your target persons (mainly children or employees monitored for the sake of their safety or the security of corporate data respectively) wouldn’t ever guess they’re being monitored. Smart phones can be easily converted into your smart spies, with the help of such a simple application.

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