Meet the New 80-inch Android Touchscreen!

Technology has come a long way in the past few decades, farther than our ancestors could have ever imagined. Hand-held technology, especially, has been growing surely and steadily and has now reached a point where we see a gadget of some sorts in almost everyone’s hands on a daily basis.
The most prominent among these gadgets have been smartphones. From the small screens of feature phones that boasted a 2-inch screen to smartphones that have a screen size more than double of that on average, we have seen smaller things getting bigger and better. And if that wasn’t enough, manufacturers decided to create large tablets for those who wanted a better yet experience.
But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a portable smartphone with a display of 80 inches? If you have, then TouchPico is here for you.
An Introduction to TouchPico:
We have seen many portable projectors being manufactured, some which are small enough to carry in one hand even. The designers of TouchPico decided to take that one step further. So what did they do? They put Android in it.
TouchPico is a projector the size of a smartphone that can turn any surface into a fully functioning touchscreen. Yes, you now have the ability to actually interact with the projected screen on a wall or on a table or wherever you decide to use it. Having the ability to turn any surface into a touchscreen of up to 854×480 pixels, TouchPico is truly a revolution in the world of Android.
The Specifications:
• A fully functioning version of Android 4.0.
• A display of up to 80 inches in size.
• Wi-Fi, wireless mouse, and HDMI output.
• An option to extend memory with an SD card.
How It Works:
The most interesting part of this projector is definitely the ability to interact with it like you would with a touchscreen. It works with the help of an included stylus which makes use of an infrared transmitter to interact with the infrared camera on the TouchPico. This camera tracks the movement of the stylus and thus you can give commands to the screen. The touchscreen has an input rate of 40 frames a second, and can be used on any surface and at any size up to 80 inches.
The only gripe with its use is that the user has to be careful not to come directly in front of the device otherwise they risk blocking the projection.
The makers of ToucPico don’t want people to use like a normal hand-held projector. They want users to take it a step further and interact with it like they do with their phones. It has the ability to run games and applications from the Play Store so the users have the ability to get creative with it.
It could be used for anywhere from schools during lectures or in business presentations to a gaming competition at your house. For $310, you can get an early version of the projector with 87% functionality, or you could wait till October for a full version which will cost you $500. But whichever version you decide to choose, this revolutionary little device can present you with a number of possibilities, whether you are someone who travels a lot and needs some entertainment or even if you are a serious part of the corporate world and need something to take with you in order to enhance your productivity.

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