Microsoft Lags Behind Apple

Apple Inc. becomes the most valuable corporation in the history, with its approximate market value of $623bn (£397bn), beating Microsoft’s record.

  Despite all the rumors about Apple not being able to survive after Steve Job’s death, the firm beat Microsoft’s 1999 value record of $620.58.  Although the figure is not inflation-adjusted, the world gadget and consumer maker is about to consolidate its position by iPhone 5 and a smaller and most probably cheaper iPod’s launch in September.

  The price for Apple shares was $664.74 in New York midday trading and then fell to $663. Thus, it was 2.3%, or $14.98, higher than during the Friday’s close.

  There are also gossips that Apple is about to make a TV set.

  It is obvious, when it comes to economic analysis, that even Apple, the giant in its sector, may face some difficulties. First of all, the US dollar’s strength against other currencies leads to the price rise for Apple production abroad. Moreover, the European and other large markets’ recession together with the United States’ timid economic recovery make it much harder to sell electronic products to consumers. Besides, Apple Inc faces a keen competition with the newest smartphones HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3.

  It is hard to say how far the Apple’s prosperity will go, but one thing can be noticed for sure – Steve took good care of the company choosing the right people to manage the corporation.

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