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mLite Releases a New Feature

mLite Releases a New Feature

mLite, the Google Playstore version of mSpy parental control app has introduced one new feature in addition to the previous ones:

Call logs, Contact list, Text messages, GPS location, Geofencing, Installed apps,

Panic Button – The Panic Button was designed to safeguard your child by allowing him/her to send an SOS message whenever your kid is in danger. All your kid needs to do is press a Panic Button placed on his/her phone and you will be alerted with a message and a precise location of your child.

Active mLite users will receive a new feature with an OTA update. Starting from November 2016 Panic Button is will be available for all the new users.

For new users, all you need to do is go to PlayStore, download the application onto parental and child devices. Sync the devices and start monitoring your kid’s phone in less than 5 minutes. It’s this simple!

mLite Panic Button – a one-touch connection in case of emergency.

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