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Mobicip Review 2019: How To Monitor Someone’s Device Remotely?

Mobicip Review: How To Monitor Someones Device Remotely

What is Mobicip?

Mobicip is a parental control service of a new generation. It was named after mobile CIPA. The latter stands for Children’s Internet Protection Act, which regulates safe internet access provided by schools and libraries.

Mobicip was initially designed to create a safe environment for online learning. The service changed their purpose through the years and expanded to parental control tool, which ensures safety of the kids online.

Mobicip is the application that allows you to stay updated on family’s internet activity. You can check browsing history, examine app usage on the device and restrict internet access for any user.

Mobicip has a set of different helpful features. The software employs a filtering algorithm, which is constantly being developed and improved to exclude dangerous results from the internet search.

We’ve gathered all Mobicip reviews in one post. Read on to find out more about Mobicip parental control.

How to get started?

Mobicip is a security service, which offers Monitor app for mobile devices. The primary users of Mobicip are families, schools, and businesses. Monitor application allows parents and administrators to monitor someone’s browsing activity conveniently.

  1. Set a Mobicip client on the device you want to track to get started. Then download and install the Monitor application on your phone.
  2. Launch the Monitor app and log in with Mobicip login credentials.
  3. List of filter profiles will appear. Select the profile to get access to extensive use reports. Here you can check browsing history, block specific pages or allow the access to some sites.
  4. Go back to the menu and select profiles if you want to edit them. You can add a photo, alternate the filtering level for each profile.

Monitor application is a necessary tool to manage your Mobicip account from your mobile device.

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3 ways to view browsing history with Mobicip

Browser history tracker may be one of the most useful features of Mobicip. The majority of parents are concerned about what content their kids review online. With the modern educational approach, it is impossible to eliminate the use of informational technologies. In fact, the Internet is considered the most significant source of information for now.

Completing their homework, doing research for educational projects and chatting with friends – that’s what kids use the Internet for. They view thousands of web pages every day. No wonder, they may sometimes be exposed to dangerous material.

How to control your kid’s Internet use? The right way to protect your kid from inappropriate content is to conduct a meaningful conversation between you two. Children have to learn themselves how to deal with dangerous material and you, as a parent, can help them with the task.

Explain to your kid why you don’t want them to visit individual websites. Avoid forbidding, instead help your child develop a strong inner voice that would help them recognize dangerous material online and deal with them the right way.

Mobicip offers parents a solution to Internet usage control. With Mobicip you can view browsing history of your child in 3 ways.

  1. Monitor from personal account – Parents can easily monitor browsing history on devices of their kids using their Premium account. Visit Mobicip official website and log in using your e-mail address and password. Go to ‘Report’ tab. Select the user from the user list, choose blocked or allowed websites and indicate time period.
  2. Receive weekly reports – Get weekly or monthly reports with detailed overview of browsing activity. Go to ‘Settings’ tab from your account to set up e-mail reports. From ‘Settings’ go to ‘E-mail reports’ from the menu on the left. Decide how often you want to receive e-mails and choose the day of the week to receive the reports. Apply settings when you are done.
  3. Use Monitor App – Monito app is created to help Mobicip users manage their accounts from their devices. You can view browsing history with Monitor application. Open the application and tap ‘Reports.’

    Mobicip can help you understand what websites your kid visits the most and block the dangerous sources on your child’s device.

  4. Customize Mobicip Internet Filter – Mobicip Internet filter is a helpful feature for all the parents. How does the Mobicip Internet filter work? There are three levels of identifying the inappropriate material and filtering it.
  5. First level – Mobicip starts filtering with checking the domain name of the site addressed. The software categorizes the source and checks it in the industry standard database. This will show whether the website is safe for your kid or not.
  6. Second level – On the second level, Mobicip correlates the website with norms and standards of the Family Online Safety Institute.
  7. Third level – If the source fails to match safety standards mentioned above, the examination will be continued. On the third level, the software applies real-time content analysis to examine the site.

Mobicip categorizes the websites into four filtering levels. These are:

  1. Mature – Adult-oriented sites and content are brought under a mature level.
  2. Moderate – The moderate level contains the mature content and material, which includes weapons, violence, viruses and hacking content.
  3. Strict – Some Google images, online shopping stores, gambling/dating platforms and moderate level content comes under strict level.
  4. Monitor – This level grants unrestricted access to all websites. Monitor level also tracks all the activity and records browsing history.

How to change the filtering level? Log in to your account and go to ‘Settings.’ From the menu on the left, select ‘Categories.’ Here, select the user profile to customize the filtering settings for.

You will see the list of categories. Expand each category to check or uncheck the subcategories. The software blocks the categories, which are checked. Uncheck the subcategory if you want to allow it and vice versa.

If you want to block specific sites, go to ‘Websites.’ Type URL of the source you want to block. Select ‘Block’ and the access to the website will be prohibited.

You can set up a whitelist and allow access only to the whitelisted sources. Go to ‘Allow’ subtab and check ‘Allow ONLY the websites on this list’ box. Don’t forget to set up the whitelist firstly.

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YouTube content filtering

YouTube is the biggest source of entertainment nowadays. Kids love YouTube because they can keep track of their favorite vloggers and watch videos of their friends. No wonder, parents has to control what their kids watch on YouTube.

How does Mobicip filter YouTube? Mobicip YouTube filtering feature works on the mobile devices to ensure your kid won’t be watching inappropriate videos. Mobicip for Android and iOS devices will check each YouTube video’s title, description and other data to grant access only to kid-friendly vlogs.

The filter doesn’t provide 100% guarantee that all filtered content will still be appropriate for the child. But it minimizes the threats your kid may face online.

Restrict Internet Access

If your kid tends to go to bed with their mobile phone, you can break this unhealthy habit with Mobicip. Mobicip Premium subscription allows users to set time limits for Internet use.

Go to your Mobicip account to set the restrictions. Choose the filter profile which is to be customized. In the ‘Settings’ of the profile, select ‘Edit Filter Settings.’ Select ‘Time limits’ tab.

You will see the table with name of the days displayed horizontally and time of the day vertically. Green boxes mean that access is allowed. Select the green cell to restrict Internet access for particular day and time. Then the green cell will automatically turn into red.

Don’t forget to choose your time zone before setting restrictions.

Mobicip Pricing and Subscription Packages

Basic plan of Mobicip is completely free of charge. Though it covers a limited set of features. For example, the Basic subscription won’t allow you to use Monitor app to check the records conveniently from the personal device.

Go for Premium plan if you find Monitor app useful. Premium subscription also covers time limits feature and customizable filter settings. Premium plan will cost you $39.99.

Enterprise plan is designed for convenient monitoring of more than 20 devices. Business owners and employers usually choose an enterprise plan. It features delegated account management, downloadable reports, plus all the features included in the Premium plan. The cost of Enterprise subscription depends on a number of the device you intend to monitor.

Are there any Mobicip coupon codes? Mobicip works with many schools and educational organizations, so they provide discounts from time to time. Send request quote to ask whether they have something for your budget.

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Monitor Apps on Android and iOS devices

Mobicip monitors the applications installed on the Android and iOS running devices. Using apps monitoring feature, you can find out what applications your kid installs on their own device.

Apps monitoring on Android requires installation of Mobicip Safe Browser for Android. Then log in to your account at Here go to ‘Apps’ and select the device you intend to check.

Open Safari to enable Apps monitoring feature on iPhone or iPad. After launching the Mobicip application, tap ‘Settings.’ Select ‘App Monitor Setup’ from the list. Then you can either tap ‘Take a Tour’ to find out how to use the feature or ‘Skip to Install’ to proceed to install.

Tap ‘Install’ once more and select ‘Trust.’ When the installation of Mobicip AppMonitor extension is complete, close the Safari. Log in to your account and review the apps installed on the iPhone/iPad of your kid.

Mobicip Features: A Closer Look

Mobicip doesn’t provide an overview of social networks activity of your kid. But the app has other features worth paying attention to:

  • Remote settings control – You can customize the Internet filter and other features from your Mobicip dashboard. The information recorded will also be displayed on your dashboard so you can conveniently check it any time.
  • Convenient access with Monitor App – Installing Monitor App on your own device, you can review app usage instantly. The application is compatible with Android phones as well as iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.
  • Browsing History report – Mobicip generates a pie chart, which reflects browsing history and shows what type of content is the most searched. List of websites visited also provided
  • Time limits – You can restrict Internet usage for any user profile. Set the time and day when the Internet access will be forbidden for a particular user.
  • Access Requests – Every attempt to access the blocked content will be displayed on your dashboard. You can manage the requests remotely allowing or rejecting the access.
  • Accountability Mode – Choose the ‘Monitor’ filtering level to provide unrestricted Internet access. You can also manage levels to select the one that works best for you.

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Mobicip For School

Mobicip is the solution for safe browsing in school. For school, option covers remote administration and delegated management. More helpful features for convenient network filtering at school:

  • Cloud-based software – The Mobicip application is cloud-based. You require no hardware or appliance to start filtering content on as many devices as you want Аto.
  • Ipad Full Control – Mobicip allows controlling any browser on the iPad. Access to any except educational sources will be prohibited for students.
  • Multi-device management – The Mobicip software is compatible with a wide range of devices. You can control as many phones as you need to.
  • Real-time filtering – The app scans the Internet content in real-time to make sure users are not exposed to the dangerous material.

Enterprises Control with Mobicip

No business can continuously be developed without proper management. Mobicip provides some useful options for all business owners and employers. There are options for Chromebooks, Windows and Mac computers.

What are the reasons to control the business with Mobicip?

  • Data Leaks Prevention – Data leaks can ruin every company’s reputation. No business owner wants to expose valuable information and statistics. Using Mobicip, you can prevent data leaks by monitoring what sites your employees visit during a workday. If your colleagues review your competitors’ website often, maybe they are considering an opportunity to sell them some sensitive information.
  • Procrastination In The Workplace – Procrastination at work is a common problem nowadays. It’s easy to get distracted when ads pop up on almost every website. Mobicip is a great tool to stop procrastination. Applying web filtering, you can choose which sites the employees are allowed to visit and which aren’t. Also, manage access requests to permit or prohibit access to specific sources.
  • Block Keywords With Real-Time Content Filtering – Mobicip can block web sources that contain certain phrases or words. The software checks every piece of content your child is being exposed to. If there is a blacklisted word or phrase, the access to the site will be denied.

How to set up keyword blocking feature? Log in to your account and select ‘Filter Profiles.’ Choose ‘Edit Filter Settings’ for the user profile you want to edit. Then select ‘Phrases’ tab. Here enter the phrase or word and add it to the blacklist.

Mobicip will scan the website addressed for blacklisted keywords. In case of any – your kid won’t be able to enter it.

Why does Mobicip block everything? As useful as it is, this feature may cause overblocking. For example, such trustworthy informational sources, like the Guardian or the New York Times, may feature articles, which contains words like ‘sex’ and ‘drugs.’ But it doesn’t mean these sites are dangerous for your child. They just cover an extensive range of topics and address many issues to reach wider audience.

Block less known words to prevent overblocking. So Mobicip won’t block every other source your kid attempts to visit.

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Is there an alternative to Mobicip?

Mobicip is an excellent application for content filtering. But it lacks many useful features that could help parents find out more about their kids’ online activity. Before investing into the Mobicip subscription, pay attention to another parental control tool called mSpy.

mSpy is parental control, which covers features Mobicip doesn’t have. These are:

  • Geo-Fencing – Online safety is not the only focus on mSpy. The software can also guarantee you the real-time safety of your child. You will get instant notifications when your kid enters or leaves a predefined area.
  • Keyword Alerts – mSpy doesn’t block all the sites that contain blacklisted words. The mSpy software applies another strategy to filter the content. It notifies you every time the blocked word is typed on your kid’s device. Add phrase alert and get to know when your kid looks for inappropriate material online.
  • Call blocker – Whoever intends to contact your kid over the phone may be restricted by mSpy. Add numbers to the block list, and this person will never be able to call your child. The blacklist is manageable: you can delete the numbers once added.
  • iMessage spy – You can check messaging history on your kid’s device. mSpy provides the full overview of iMessages sent and received. You can also scan Facebook messenger and other chatting platforms to find out what information your child shares with friends.
  • Inbox monitoring tool – This feature will be extremely useful for business owners who want to check e-mails of their employees. You can spot the data leaks and analyze the content of each e-mail sent and received by your colleague.

The mSpy software is compatible with almost all Android and iOS running devices, which makes it a well-versed tool for monitoring someone’s activity. Give mSpy a try to find out whether the app is good for you.

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