Mobile Addiction and Addicts

Mobile addiction has a new definition, thanks to the mobile marketing and analytics firm known as Flurry. Flurry defines a mobile addict on the basis of the number of times users launch their apps, 60 to be exact. The chief executive of Flurry, Simon Khalaf, says that apps are launched 10 times on average by a typical user, far less than the number of times an ‘addict’ would launch them.
Some shocking numbers
The number of people who are addicted to their mobile phones is increasing at a rapid rate. A 123 percent growth was seen in these numbers in the 2013-2014 period, with an increase of mobile addicts from 79 million to 176 million in one year. A 55 percent growth was recorded in the category of ‘super users’. The regular users, the ones who open their apps 16 times a day, grew only 23 percent.
The number of addict females is 15 million more than that of the males. Females form 52% of the mobile addicts as opposed to 48% percent males while these numbers are opposite in the regular user segment (48% females and 52% males). The people usually addicted most to mobile phones are college students and teenagers, though a large number of middle-aged parents are also found on this list.
28 percent of the mobile users under the category of ‘addicts’ are the middle-aged users while they form only 20 percent of the regular users. Mothers, gamers, and sports fans are the sort of females who form part of the mobile addicts while male addicts are all sorts of people from car fans and gamers to parents and catalog shoppers.
Generation problems
Khalaf says that it was very normal to see that a large number of the mobile addicts were teenagers because ever since smartphones became a common affair, teenagers have made them the most vital part of their lives. Similarly, the addiction of college students to mobile usage was also understandable seeing that they rely heavily on social and messaging apps to stay in touch. The most shocking result was that seen in the middle-aged category, which exceeded in numbers to even those of the teens.
But there is a logical explanation for that as well. Middle-aged people usually belong to such families where their phones are used by other family members as well. In case of parents, their phones are used more by their children than by themselves. Many parents use their phones for educational purposes for their children or for entertainment needs.
Beware of lurking dangers!
All of these data have been acquired by Flurry after monitoring over 150 billion app sessions each month from 90 percent of the smartphones.
But keeping all the data aside, there is something that may worry many of the addicts out there: Sitting all day fiddling with your phone may lead you to lose more memory over time!
We all know what happens when we use our phones too much. We stop exercising and start relying on our phones to basically everything we need to do in life. The assistant professor of psychology at the Michigan State University, Kimberly Fenn, says that sitting all day leads to a lesser IQ. Not exercising leads to an unfit body which may lead to obesity, and that in turn leads to a lower memory. Tests were run on a group of students, both fit and unfit, to memorize certain words and the results revealed that even when belonging to the same age group and gender, the individuals with an unfit body were found to be less intelligent in the memory department, and the researchers fear that it may be more than the memorizing abilities people lose by sitting all day.
So, if you find yourself to be a mobile addict and you value your brain health as well, make sure to exercise and keep a fit body because a healthy mind can only be housed in a healthy body.

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