If you have a big family, it can be somewhat problematic to pay heed to every single aspect and every need of your relatives in an all-embracing manner. This paramount task can be successfully handled by advanced modern technologies and digital communication means. There is a group of apps that promises to make your hectic family life easier and more controlled. Here are a few interesting apps to consider, with additional features for paid versions.


A key feature of this app is a shared calendar where family members can individually schedule their activities. Color coding shows the itinerary of each family member. You can use it to manage shared shopping lists and family to-do lists. It even has a group journal where you can record important family events, such as holidays and vacations.


It preserves your children’s artwork, schoolwork, and photos in a digital timeline. You simply snap a picture of a “keepy,” such as a face painting, a report card, or photo of a first tooth, and then add voice or text commentary. You can share your private memory playlist with relatives. Extended family can add video, voice, or text responses.


It keeps track of family members in real time without having to call or text them throughout the day. When you log into the app, a family map shows you the exact location of every family member at once. You can also save favorite places and get automatic alerts when your kids arrive.


It’s an app for both coaches and parents of children participating in youth sports. It tells you what games are coming up and keeps you notified of last-minute changes. This app also keeps track of team payments, refreshments, game visits etc. You can even use this app to organize family events such as picnics, parties, and large reunions.


It tracks class schedules and homework assignments. Your child can use it to prioritize tasks and set alarms for when things are due. But the best feature of this app its capability to take notes. While in class, your child can use it to take typed notes, audio notes, video notes, and even pictures.

Besides the abovementioned applications for the common usage, there are some apps that are intended for the usage by narrow circles, like computer games’ geeks.


This experimental game aims to envision “an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious”, with players being able to create worm-like constructs with a finger swipe. Thrilling enough!

Well, everyday duties and absorbing games for pastimes are necessary things; but you must not forget about security and protection of your children.


There is one application that can turn out to be an indispensable tool for your family life management – a mobile monitoring/tracking app called mSpy. It’s a real wonder for those who want to combine their schedule and the chance to follow all the events in the life of their children. If you are a responsible parent, pay attention to this app that can become the best bargain in your shopping cart.

Thus, the online life of your family can be varied to a great extent, with the help of useful abovementioned apps.

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