Mobile Spy Review 2019: Everything you need to know

Daniel Black
Mobile Spy Review: Everything you need to know

In the ever-expanding world of the Internet, kids become screen-addicted even from a young age. But, apart from addiction, there are the other things parents need to keep an eye out for, for instance, online predators, sexting, cyberbullying, identity theft and others. That’s why online security is the primary thing that makes most of the parents concerned these days.

While there are a lot of apps aimed at providing parents with an opportunity to supervise kid`s online activities, it is difficult to find the reliable one.

And now let’s come to the Mobile Spy review, in which we will describe the app, its features, price and render a final verdict.

What Mobile Spy is?

Mobile Spy is a software, which allows keeping your kids or employees on the right track, by monitoring their devices. Mobile Spy can monitor almost every activity on a target device. For instance, call logs, text messages, GPS location, Social Networks, etc. The usage reports are updated automatically if the target device is connected to the Internet and you can easily check them logging into your account from any browser.

The installation is not difficult and supposed to be completed in 20 minutes or less. You need to purchase the license, and then you will be able to monitor your target device.

What is the price of Mobile Spy

The price depends on the license you chose and its duration from $49.97 – $139.97

Let’s have a look at Mobile Spy features that are the most popular among users.

  • Text Messages Tracking – this Mobile Spy feature gives an opportunity to read all target device texts (both send and received) secretly. All the texts will be uploaded on to your Mobile Spy account and can be accessed from any browser at any time on condition that the Internet connection is enabled.
  • iMessages monitoring – Mobile Spy records all sent and received iMessages from the target iOS device.
  • Call logs tracking – Mobile Spy provides an opportunity to check all incoming and outgoing calls including the timestamps and call duration.
  • URL history checking – This Mobile Spy feature provides a possibility to view the list of websites visited on the target device, giving an insight about your kids` or employees online use and checking whether they misuse Internet access or not.
  • Photo and Video monitoring – this Mobile Spy feature makes a copy of all media content (photos and videos) stored on the monitored device.
  • Emails records – with the help of this Mobile Spy feature you can read all target device sent and received emails directly from your account.
  • YouTube videos monitoring – this Mobile Spy feature allows checking all YouTube videos watched by the target device. All the links to the watched YouTube videos are also provided.
  • Social Networks monitoring – this features provides a clear overview of your target device social networks, recording all the Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook activities.
  • Installed apps records – this feature provides insights about all the applications installed on the target device.
  • Apps blocking – this feature is a blessing for all concerned parents as it helps to block access to specific mobile apps due to security reasons or inappropriate content.
  • Contact details viewing – this feature helps to check the target device contact list and view new contacts added to it.
  • Calendar events monitoring – this feature allows monitoring of all target device calendar entries, including timestamps and its location.
  • Remote uninstallation – this feature enables the remote uninstallation of the Mobile Spy app. To stop logs recording, you need to log into your Mobile Spy account and follow the instructions to perform the remote uninstallation.

Also, Mobile Spy has live control panel features. These add-ons are optional and cost $ 49. 97 per year.

Live control panel features

Here is the list of Mobile Spy live control features you receive once you purchase this add-on:

  • Recording surroundings – this feature helps to record all the conversations taking place on the target device`s surroundings. Once it is recorded, it will be instantly uploaded to the Mobile Spy account in MP3 format for checking remotely at any convenient time.
  • Stealth Camera – this live Mobile Spy feature helps to trigger the target phone`s camera. All the secretly captured pictures are available on the Mobile Spy Control Panel. And can be viewed and downloaded at any time you want.
  • Live view of the phone screen – this live Mobile Spy feature allows having a look at the target device`s phone screen in real-time mode. The information is updated every 90 seconds, providing a clear picture of activities taking place on your target device.
  • GPS location information – this feature instantly shows the current target device GPS location in real time.
  • Retrieves information – this feature comes in handy if the target device is lost or stolen, protecting personal data and preventing identity theft.
  • Email account logs delivery – using live control panel you can choose your email to be the main delivery destination for all target device recorded logs.
  • SMS commands – if you can`t access the Mobile Spy Control Panel for some reasons, you can use SMS commands to trigger GPS location, wipe data, lock device or use the other features.

How to install and use the Mobile Spy software?

The current Mobile Spy version is no longer compatible with iOS and BlackBerry devices. Their software is only available for Android devices. To start with Mobile Spy, you need to complete several steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to purchase the app license on the official site. Note! Before purchase check, if your target device is compatible with the Mobile Spy app.
  2. Secondly, download and install Mobile Spy app on the target device. Note! For download and installation, the Internet connection is required.
  3. Thirdly, once the app is installed, log in to your Mobile Spy account and start monitoring the target phone data.

Mobile Spy Recent Updates

Mobile Spy identified themselves as a tamper-proof app, but actually, it doesn`t correspond to the reality. In relation to the hackings of Retina-X Studios, a manufacturer of Mobile Spy, PhoneSheriff, TeenShield and SniperSpy, they were forced to halt their products due to the security reasons. Currently, they don`t accept new orders, and there is no clear answer when they will resume them.

Also, they had some changes in their functionality:

  1. This app is no hidden anymore. Now the large Mobile Spy icon is displayed on the target device, telling the user that their device is being monitored. Due to this recent change, Mobile Spy became absolutely useless for most users and can`t be relied on.
  2. Mobile Spy is no longer compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry. So such features like iMassages are not available anymore. Now it supports only Android devices;

So, if you were interested in Mobile Spy Purchase, now you need to consider the other monitoring apps.

What is the alternative to Mobile Spy?

As an alternative to the Mobile Spy app, you may consider mSpy. It is one of the leading monitoring apps these days and has a lot of benefits for parents:

  • It is absolutely undetectable, and you don`t need to worry about being caught;
  • It is compatible both with Android and iOS devices;
  • It has more advanced features for sophisticated monitoring;
  • It allows to monitor more Social Networks than Mobile Spy (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Tinder, Viber, Telegram, and others);
  • It provides parents with an opportunity to set safe and dangerous areas for their kids and get notifications once they breach them.
  • It captures all the keystrokes typed on your kid`s phone;
  • It is available for purchase, unlike Mobile Spy.

The day is past when Mobile Spy was a powerful monitoring app. Now it is absolutely useless as it is no longer available for purchase. Besides, it doesn’t work in a stealth mode and not available for iOS devices. After the hacking attack and its information leak, Mobile Spy is no a tool to rely on.

Without doubts, Mobile Spy was a good choice over the years, but taking into consideration the recent changes, we recommend mSpy for all your parental need or another similar app.

Mobile Spy Review REQUIRES Android RATING:

4.2 (123605 ratings )
Price: $0.0
Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

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