Mobile Weapon for Parents vs. Drugs

Being a mother of a kid quickly approaching the extremely dire straits of his teenage years, I’m seriously worried about the state of affairs concerning the drugs’ consumption by teenagers. Surfing internet, I came across an interesting article with very disturbing figures. A certain U.S. government report reveals that about 6.5 % of high school seniors smoked marijuana daily in 2013, compared with 6 % in 2003. Students’ attitude toward the drug’s danger becomes slacker with every year. One-third of high school seniors reported smoking marijuana in the last year. Being a responsible mother, I stood aghast at the data taken from the Monitoring the Future report by the National Institutes of Health.

At least, there are some positive changes, though, unfortunately, minor ones. The report reveals that about 40 % of 12th-graders think that regular marijuana use is harmful; last year, that was the opinion of 44.1 % of students. I’m afraid that the reason for such an insignificant change lies in the deficiency of our educational system in general and the stance of every citizen/parent as per the question in particular. But at least, there IS some change.

Luckily for future generations, the percentage of those using cigarettes, alcohol, Ecstasy, inhalants, synthetic cannabinoids, bath salts, and the painkiller Vicodin declined this year. Alas, cocaine and heroin use didn’t change significantly; but total alcohol use continued to decline as well.

For the moment being, medical marijuana is legal in 20 U.S. states. One-third of the 12th-graders using pot obtained the drug with someone else’s prescription; another 6 % of teens got it using their own prescription. Modern technologies being on the rise, it’s as easy as pie for teenagers to obtain what they want.

Bearing this situation in view, I started pondering over the possible solutions of the problem. Of course, one can follow a kid wherever he goes, but this method isn’t cost-effective for any busy parent. Then, there is a much better possibility of online monitoring to help keep kids safe online by setting parental controls, obtaining email and social network passwords, taking away computers and mobile devices or using location-based devices to keep track of teens.


It took me some time and efforts to figure out the best variant. Rough physical measures are senseless; I had a chance to see it for myself. Taking away smth or its outright prohibiting doesn’t let you reach your goal. For any parent, it presupposes maintaining strict parental control for the kids’ safety and keeping in close touch with the kids simultaneously. To my mind, the most adequate parental control in this situation is the usage of mobile devices to keep track of teens. Everyone knows that teens are gadgets-addictive; thus, it’s possible to convert their device into a useful ally for parents.

There are special applications intended for the use on mobile gadgets – flossing cell phones or tablets favored by teens so much. Once installed on the target device, these apps allow monitoring online/offline activities and tracking the whereabouts of the kids. Besides, they give the chance to read, see and hear what the teens do, that is, to literally be at their side without actual staying with them.

Among numerous similar applications, there is one called mSpy. After a profound consideration, I chose it because it has the widest range of features I’m interested in as a mother willing to secure the safety and wellbeing of her only child. In some of my future posts, I can divulge more technical details as per my usage of this app.

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