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Mom of a kid with a defiant behavior reviews mSpy App Mobile Family Kit used on Samsung Galaxy s4

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Hi, I’m Anna from Portland. My son is sort of rule-breaking kid so I needed to find the way to manage it. We attend support groups within the program “Special kids” but we needed something practicable. Anyway, we started using mSpy App Mobile Family Kit. First, due to its GPS location feature. I need to check on him almost all the time.
We use Samsung Galaxy S4 which is absolutely compatible with our kid’s Galaxy Note 5. Frankly speaking, it is much easier to adjust his behavior. Geo-fences mean the world to us. Since first we discuss no-go places than put them on virtual map. And it works. In overall, altogether with other measures the app helps reduce the defiance with the kid at its early stages.

From the tech point of view, you don’t have to excel in tech to figure out how the program works. The folks from maintenance explain clearly. Once I had problems with setting up keylogger (yep, we use that too to know people around him). I called the staff. I couldn’t do a thing for 1 or 2 days. Got disappointed. Called the second time. They said the program was having sort of update. At the end of that day, I did set up keylogger. Nothing works perfectly. That was the only case I had some problems. Should parents use the app for “special” kids like mine? Absolutely!

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