Monitoring Online Activities of the Employees: Necessary or Not?

It will obviously be a pleasant thought to hold that the employees in a business would never misuse the office internet facility for anything other than work. That might be a possible thing in the alternate perfect world, but that is certainly not the one we dwell in. It is unfortunate that all the studies done in this respective area show that most employees working in an office with internet facility without any monitoring on that end up not only abusing that, but also engaging themselves in objectionable practices like leaking customers’ and clients’ data as well as other classified company information! Shocking? Well, it should not be!

There is no harm in expecting the employees to be alert and respectful about the fair usage of company internet, but again, there should be some rules and restrictions set, just to keep things formal and operational. Since the employers are the one paying for all those bills for the internet connections set only to improve the business, no matter how the employees think or treat any such options, they should not actually be given the chance of wasting it at the first place. There might be generous employers out there who would think that employees cutting some time from office hours to check in their social network accounts and using the internet for other personal purposes cannot be a big deal. If that so, then there is nothing else to say. If there are people who think otherwise, they should take some precautions.


The easiest way to monitor the online activities of the employees during the office hour would be installing monitoring software on the computers, with or without acknowledging them. The thing that such software, like mSpy does is, it gets the entire internet browsing data and sends the records to the computer watching them over. Through such software, an employer can block any website to be used through those computers that may have absolutely irrelevant contents and are proven to be inappropriate for work places. So, the websites which have little to do with work will no longer be visited by the employees during work hours. There is nothing to feel bad about such restrictions and these will not certainly make the workplace unlikeable. In fact, it can help in inspiring the employees to work with a healthy competitive attitude to make an impression as well! In any case, one has to elicit informed consent for the usage of such a monitoring application.

As far as the social media websites are concerned, many employers might find them in a fix since many businesses these days have social media marketing or SMM as one of their key marketing strategy. If that is the case, then the monitoring software has a solution there. Since the phone tracking software like mSpy can archive each and every thing done through internet, it can also show the employers if any employee was using their personal social media accounts instead of the company ones. So, there will be no uploading personal photos, updating statuses anymore while the office profile needs attention. If the office site needs updating, only it would get that, not any personal accounts anymore. The problem gets solved that way!

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