Most Stylish Phones

Glamorous people all over the world are obsessed with the idea to get things all the rage and fabulous – this also spreads over the mobile phones. Often those interested in glamour do not even care about the functionality of a mobile device – it should be all spangles and impressive. Follow up the most stylish phones below.

 Dolce & Gabbana’s Motorola RAZR V3i may not seem to be a very modern phone; however, when crafted with 855 diamonds, it will definitely draw fashionistas’ attention: golden and glittering – just what glamorous people want.


 The Palm Pixi Artist series make it possible for fashion slaves to change the design of the phone depending on the fashion line they like the most. The design above was customized to Sheri, LA fashion designer.


 The Dior Black Diamond Phone is a perfect match for stylish men who do not like bright color but adore diamonds. Blings can practically be found everywhere all over this phone (there are 640 of them!): the shell, dial and hinges. Good choice for those who can afford it –priced $30 000.

Ladies, get ready – Nokia 8800 Arte’s delicate pink diamonds cannot leave you indifferent. Designer Stuart Hughes took good care of those who adore pink – the phone will set you back over $175, 000.


Love playing Play Station? Are you a TV watcher? Then Sony Ericsson’s Aino was created for you. Apart from the brilliant high-tech design, it is the first mobile phone supporting Remote Play along with Playstation 3. Thus, you will easily reach your PS3 media content. Besides, you can listen, watch, pause, record live TV with the help of Play TV feature. Picture: Sony

Goldstiker’s Blackberry Bold 9000 is decorated and made so much more stylish than a regular BlackBerry with 18 carat white gold. The approximate price is $1320.

Considering the fact that you are reading this post here, on mSpy blog, it is obvious you will like this phone – LG Watch Touch Phone equipped with a tiny camera and easy-to-use interface, makes you feel an FBI agent or a spy. Source:

In case you decide to be a real fashionista and buy one of the above mentioned phone, make sure you install mSpy mobile monitoring application on it – it will help you keep a track of all the activity (SMS, calls, email, GPS, etc.) on that fancy phone. Plus, it is a good way to safeguard your kids. 

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