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A mother reviews if mSpy App Bundle used on Samsung J7 Prime prevent from online predators

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Hello, I’m Samantha from Hood River. We’re living in a small town and everybody knows each other. However, I decided to buy a parental control to prevent online risks. I have already heard about child sexting. So I think as every parent I should take preventive measures. Anyway, I picked mSpy App Bundle. My husband likes using a computer and I’m more a phone fan. I’m using Samsung J7 Prime which is compatible with my kid’s iPhone. So for not tech-savvy parents, it all works great and easily.

Have to say we had problems with data connection. Updating was slow a little bit for call logs. But in general it’s ok. Interesting wizard. Very helpful team. We’re satisfied.
So we’re using mSpy mostly for monitoring. I’ve already seen chatting via messengers, especially Snapchat. Psychologists say this app is the most used by online predators.
There are strict rules in our family: no nude photos on the web. However, I view her photos sometimes to make sure she follows them. She knows I monitor from time to time.
Also, we set up keywords alerts for words like sex and same sense, blue whale, challenge (as a teacher I know there are plenty of them), tinder, omegle and sarahah.
To my biggest conviction, in present realities monitoring the child’s online activity is a must.

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