mSpy congratulates 3 lucky winners of iPhone X Giveaway

Carl L. Hirsch
mSpy congratulates 3 lucky winners of iPhone X Giveaway

mSpy parental control application is happy to announce the 3 lucky winners of the brand new iPhone X. The promo lasted the month and a half and we are pleased to see so many of our users being involved in this Giveaway.

The winners were selected randomly. Among thousands of users, only 3 were selected to receive the iPhone X.

Let’s congratulate:

  • Jacob William
  • Andre Gonzalez
  • Mila Vergerg

mSpy team thanks all its users for participation in the Giveaway. Seeing so much interest and getting this much feedback makes us want to make more giveaways as such.

mSpy mission is to keep children safe as well as their parents happy.  Our customers’ satisfaction is the best reward for us and we’ll keep providing the best quality product for our users.


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