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mSpy customer assesses mSpy App Bundle for her Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in terms of managing the kid’s screen time

mSpy reviews

My kid watched Logan Paul’s video with a dead body. For those who do not know it’s a famous guy from YouTube who film different videos and put them there for fun and money. Lots of them are not for kids, I would say. He promotes dangerous activities. I would ban him. Anyway, my son watched it. Moreover he saw Paul commenting disrespectfully on a dead person. This is when I realised: I have to pay attention to what nurtures my kid’s mind. So I decided to use a parental control. Learnt the subject, picked mSpy App. Among a huge base of packages, we picked Bundle cause my husband uses a computer. I am a phone fan. It happened to work well for my Samsung galaxy note 5.

I won’t describe what we usually do with the app. I’d rather share our achievements as parents. First, our kid sleeps more. We manage his screen time wisely. My husband considers our son’s wishes but if he watches or plays too much we do what we promised.
We decreased his messing around the city, wasting time and money. After school he used to get back home like a snail. Now he has limits. We focus him on healthy outdoor activities.
To make things short, I love the program. Would recommend.

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