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mSpy customer reviews the App’s Premium Package for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

mSpy reviews

Hi, my name is Diana from Nebraska. I bought mSpy App Premium Package to have a full bunch of monitoring opportunities. Have to say the app does what it claims. There was a huge spectrum of things I wanted to find out. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. The software happened to be compatible. So here’s what I think about the app:

  • all-around-clock support works great; called them a few times, had to wait 10 minutes.
  • no setbacks if the other phone is iOS.
  • updates were late for a few hours (which is ok)
  • call logs were helpful and informative
  • found out about the events I had no clue about
  • viewed websites and apps (found some dating ones; it was kind of revelation)
  • looked through a browsing history and found weird words searches

To sum up, sometimes it’s useful to monitor to know if others are not playing tricks with you and even do not fool you. I would recommend to those willing to find the truth on some aspects of their life.

Guys from support are lovely. I would call them instead of my psyche.
However, when it comes down to the installation, it might seem difficult. Anyway, I am satisfied.

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