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mSpy customer reviews: Asus Zenfone 2 package Bundle

Hi there,
I am another mSpy user. I bought the subscription 2 years ago and still, I am a frequent user of this parental control app.

My name is Joshua, and I’m from Lawton, Oklahoma. I decided to install mSpy when my son moved out to college. As it often happens with kids when they go to college, he visited us rarely. New friends, new hobbies interested Jamie more than home and parents. And I was absolutely okay with that. I’ve been there too. But my wife was worried every time Jamie posted some story on Instagram from another crazy party. So, we purchased a mSpy subscription, package Bundle to make sure our kid doesn’t get into trouble.

There were no problems with installation and monitoring social network accounts. Though I still didn’t understand how to search for keywords and use geofencing. I think an informative guide on how to use all the mSpy features would be perfect, considering many mSpy users aren’t tech experts.
The app is helpful, so I recommend all the parents purchase the preferred package and make sure their kids are OK.

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