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What would you say if your kid was searching for a boyfriend on Tinder? My daughter found her current boyfriend there. The guy is older for 4 years. I didn’t know she was dating someone till I started reading text messages. Gush! I do really recommend monitoring your kids’ devices. They can speak volume. Drop the idea that trust is above all. Say it to parents whose kids died after participating in the Blue Whale Challenge. Actually, I read the article about it and that gave me an idea to try mSpy App. First, I gave it a try with Basic Package, then bought Premium to monitor literally everything. I do not regret at all.

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From technical point of view, it was confusing ‘cause I use Nvidia Shield Tablet, my daughter’s device is iPhone 7. That’s great I didn’t need a physical access ‘cause it’s embarrassing. That was a big task to find Apple credentials. Anyway, this no-jailbreak solution is not bad . The whole installation process is uneasy. But it’s worth it.

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Keylogger is a good option. It literally translates what she types. Awesome! Like any mom who’s freaking out when their teen is seeing someone, I want to make sure she will graduate from school. So I check on her when she hangs out with friends.

Anyway, if you want to protect your kid from all these teen temptations, you should supervise a little bit.

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