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mSpy customer reviews: Huawei Ascend Mate 2 package Basic

Hi everyone,
My name is Arthur. I live in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I have been monitoring my kid’s phone with the help of the mSpy app for a year now. I remember those times where I’ve been looking for the effective parental control app. I read thousands of customer reviews before purchased the mSpy subscription. So, I am here to share my honest opinion on this app. Maybe my review will help some parents make their choice.

I’d like to begin with a short story. My son has always been in the center of attention. Though I never met his friends, I knew he had many of them. But last spring I received a letter from one of the teachers. She said that boys, who were friends with my kid, bullied new kid in the school. This letter made me think: what if Alex hides something from me?
That’s why I started looking for parental control tool. Thankfully, I found the mSpy app. I chose Basic package cause I wanted to monitor my son’s text messages and GPS location, not social networks.

The app works great. It helped me find some facts about my son I didn’t know before. Though, I find the mSpy website a bit confusing. It was difficult to me understand how to install the app.

Anyway, the app itself is a useful tool for every parent. It helps you understand your kid better.

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