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mSpy customer reviews: Huawei Nova package Basic

mSpy Basic App Huawei Nova

Hi, I’m Amanda, and I live in Duluth, Minnesota. I have been using mSpy for a year now. Once my son started visiting high school things went tense between two of us. He didn’t want me to meet his friends and arrived home late. Anyway, I came across this parental control app and purchased Basic yearly package. mSpy really helped me with their GPS location feature. It is good to know where my son spends time when he isn’t home.
The app is great, but there are few things that disappointed me. Why is there no 6 months Basic package? This would be the perfect option for me! I think they could include more options in the Basic package considering the price.

Nevertheless, I’m planning to purchase Premium package this year and continue using mSpy. I can’t find any better alternative to the mSpy app for now.

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