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mSpy customer reviews: LG G Pad 8.3 package Premium

mSpy customer reviews: LG G Pad 8.3 package Premium

Hi there,
My name’s Amanda. I am from Springfield, Oregon. Having seen so many mSpy reviews on the Internet, I decided to express my opinion about this spying app too.

I had some tough times with my daughter. I know teens are obsessed with their smartphones and tablets. But my daughter seemed to cross the line. She slept with the tablet under her pillow, ate with the tablet by her side. She said she was texting with her friend, Hailey, who lives in Australia. But I was worried because of such obsession and decided to find out who is that Hailey really is.

I downloaded mSpy and installed it on my daughter’s Pad. The other day I reviewed her activity on Facebook and Instagram. She texted with that girl on all the social networks. But I noticed Hailey’s messages wasn’t much girly-like. She asked my daughter to send her photos of her daily outfit. I was really scared.

I am lucky to discover the mSpy app at the right time. Of course, what I found out upset me a lot, but at least I know now what my daughter does online and how to protect her from strangers. mSpy app saved my nerves.

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