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mSpy customer reviews Mobile Family Kit after monitoring their daughter from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

mSpy reviews

mSpy customer reviews Mobile Family Kit after monitoring their daughter from Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeHi there! I’m Diana, my husband’s name is David. We live in Cordova. We raise 2 siblings.Recently it’s become harder to regulate their behavior. I guess because of an awkward period. Anyway, we’ve always had a permissive style of parenting because for us trust is above all. Looks like I should be stricter. I found my teen’s twerk photo on her friend’s wall on social media. I was literally pissed off. This is how I realised I didn’t know my kids at all. That was an aha moment. I realize I should have rethought my style earlier. Anyway, it’s never late. By the way, my second kid, a boy, is less unpretentious.

I bought mSpy App Mobile Family Kit. In terms of monitoring, the app is awesome. I really mean it. First, I wanted to find out if she sent sexual photos or texts. So I viewed messaging apps, Facebook messenger and text messages. Since sexting is illegal in the USA, believe me it’s worth it. This experience was eye-opening. I did understand so many things about my daughter and where I screwed up as a parent.

I looked through photos downloaded and stored. Then chatting via WhatsApp and Snapchat.
Now I’m viewing apps and if I disapprove I simply block them. I told kids I was disappointed so I had to regulate their online life and screen time. Besides, their academic results were awful. Anyway, the app works great for me as a mom.

I was actually worried my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge wouldn’t be compatible with their iPhones. Called the staff. Folks there said it was no-jailbreak. Have no idea what it is but my husband figured out. In overall, we’re happy to use it. Would definitely recommend.

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