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mSpy customer reviews mSpy App Mobile Family Kit for Huawei Honor 8 and how it works for protecting kids online

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Hi, there. I’m Nora from Massachusetts. My kid loves imitating other people’s acts. It sounds unhealthy but it is true. Thus, any of them can become a role model. I think it’s not safe. We did turn to professionals and we do really hope it will go away. So we pay attention closely to how he uses the Internet. As many parents statewide, we use mSpy App. We have never used any other. From the very beginning we chose Mobile Family Kit. Love it so much. Almost never had failures with updates, logs, etc. Pretty sure they provide what they claim.

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In our particular case monitoring messengers is a must. So we view Facebook messenger mostly. Also, those sites which provide communication with anonymous people. I do remember the case when a girl committed suicide after being bullied on Where were her parents?

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There were also 2 girls literally obsessed with a site full of horror stories. There they found a character whose followers they became by attempting a murder. Can you imagine? Where the hell were their parents? Didn’t they know their kids wanted to follow a fake evil guy from the net? Anyway, monitoring our kids’ online activity is a must. No matter how much it costs. It’s worth due to all sh…t going on on the web.

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