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mSpy customer reviews its Premium package for his Samsung Galaxy A5

mSpy reviews

Hi, my name is Jonathan McCormick from Edinburgh. So I’ve bought the mSpy App Premium package for my Samsung Galaxy A5 2 years ago when my niece got lost at the mall. This situation scared me. So now I check on my kid’s current GPS location, especially when I’m out of the city.

In overall, the app works great. So here are the pros of using it:

  • Easy to install and get started
  • Full online assistance and nice staff
  • Powerful geo-fencing feature because there are places I don’t want my kid to go and she knows about it
  • Full monitoring spectrum: I can view Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat and browsing history. Parents with teens in the house will understand me.
  • Keylogger is awesome. At least, I know when she types “sex or dating”.
  • Apps viewing is also powerful. Some of them I’ve already blocked.
  • It’s great I can leave the icon on my kid’s device.


Sometimes cannot reach out to a team when having tech inconveniences.

Need to have a physical access to my kid’s smartphone. She is ok with that but still it’s embarrassing.


I was afraid it wouldn’t work for a phone of A-series like mine. But guys have done a great job. Would certainly recommend it.

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