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My name is Alicia, and I’m from Jacksonville, Alabama. My experience with mSpy app started 5 months ago. And I’m here to share some my thoughts.

I am one of those parents who doesn’t fancy the idea of intruding into the privacy of my kids. I think we should sometimes give our kids some space. But there also is a negative side of loosening the reins too much. And I made that mistake with my son.

I wasn’t at home a lot the last summer. Firstly, I left for Spain with my friend. Then some work issues appeared. I was busy all the time and didn’t notice my son became distant. My husband saw Jeremy, our son, talking to some suspicious boy on the street. We didn’t want him to get into trouble. My husband found the mSpy app and installed it on the Jeremy’s Samsung.

Tracking social network accounts and text messages with mSpy was easy. It helped reveal some facts about Jeremy we didn’t know before. Though, we found dashboard complicated. Cell phone activity chart doesn’t display the data understandable.

But, I should notice that the app is helpful. Bundle package allowed us to observe all the activity and use the keyword search option.

Though the app can be improved, I recommend the mSpy tool.

Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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