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mSpy customer reviews how she used the mSpy App Bundle with a no-jailbreak solution to monitor her teen’s Apple iPhone 7

mSpy reviews

The word of mouth matters the most in the ecosystem of parents ‘cause this is not where advertising works. You need to be 100% sure that something worked for other families and their kids. And so mSpy App was something my best friend (she is a mom too) advised me. They’ve been using it for a year and a half. In overall, they are satisfied.

I picked the Basic Package to try the program then continued with the Bundle. Besides, my teen’s Apple iPhone 7 is a tricky thing , stuffed with lots of apps. See my kid is so tech savvy! Another reason I bought the program is the no-jailbreak solution they provide for iPhones.

I had to tell my daughter that I used it and leave its icon on her phone. She is so good at tech that it is almost impossible to hide it. Besides, it serves nothing.

I do not read her texts and chatting via messengers. We agreed on that. However, I look through websites history, bookmarks. Also, I am allowed to check on her online. She doesn’t know about Keylogger and keywords alerts. I think it’s parents’ prerogative to know how exactly your kid communicates with people and actually what kind of person they are.
My kid’s academic results influence her college potential. I noticed her points got worse. So I decided to manage her screen time. Got some opposition and lots of excuses but later she put up with my decision. So I blocked some apps at all and restricted some of them after 10 p.m. In terms of disciplining, it is awesome.

I give it 5 stars.

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