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mSpy – Fortune Teller: What Will Happen With the Cell Phone Spy?

         Technology is advancing more and more each day – cell phone trackers and the like are just around the corner. With every passing year, the current technology becomes increasingly advanced, to the point where we may see staggering new advancements in cell phone spy software before we know it. The ability to track a cell phone will likely advance and become more and more complicated, to the point where someone could have a phone that tracks a live GPS signal. These kinds of pipe dreams and more are things that the makers of cell phone spy software are planning on making real in the future; people all around the world want the ability to track a cell phone that these advances promise.

     In the future, cell phone spy programs will have the ability to remotely tap into someone’s cell phone without having to be installed on the phone itself. The ability to track a cell phone will be made available to nearly anyone who wants it – while the implications for this are potentially frightening, the potential is also too good to pass up.

    These applications for cell phone spy software could have endless applications. The military and intelligence services might use them to tap other cell phones of potential terrorists and wanted criminals; and employers could track a cell phone of their employee to see if they are defrauding the company. The ability to become a cell phone spy will be expanded greatly in the coming years, as cell phone tracker companies design create cell phone spy software with even greater capabilities.


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