mSpy Hack: Dot the i’s and Cross the t’s

Parenting is hard as it is, even more so in the digital era. Children get exposed to an in increasing number of threats every day – a dear price for technological progress. Rather than going out there, children may prefer to stay in their homes, creating merely a semblance of shelteredness within a safe haven of their families.

But such safety is illusory

Whether it is a device with a tiny 4” screen or a massive one with 27” display – they can all serve as doors to whatever is out there, good or bad: adult websites, gambling decoys, drug stores, malicious software, inappropriate forums and many others. Everything is click or tap away, while your child is in presumable safety of their room. Yet any door can be opened from either side – by plunging into the web a curios teenager becomes an easy prey for experienced rogues, wicked abusers and tenacious cyberbullies.

Now put the walls of your house out of equation – imagine your child out there, alone or with whoever meets the yearning of his adventurous spirit, while you have no mean to shield him from harm or avert hurtful intents. mSpy serves to be that mean – a remedy for anxiety and nescience when it comes to your loved ones. “Keep your children safe an employee’s productive” is not just our slogan, but the very essence and value, which we provide with our service to thousands of parents and business owners worldwide.

As a result, a number of our customers have expressed their gratitude, telling us how much mSpy has helped them in keeping their loved ones out of harm’s way. There was a case when a mother thanked us for allowing her to know that her kid had been offered drugs – and she had reason to believe her child would have fallen for the lure. mSpy allows monitoring Skype conversations and that that was how it helped her.

Another case involved a father, who wished to keep an eye on his daughter while she studied abroad. mSpy was the only condition he would accept to allow his daughter leave for the other end of the world. mSpy allowed him to know where she was at any given moment and who approached her on web and online chats, even though there were thousands of miles between them. He even went as far as offering drinks to his support manager.

mSpy is for Legal Use Only

We diligently and mindfully prevent instances of service misuse, explicitly notifying customers about the proper use of our software, and we do not allow them to make a purchase unless they explicitly agree to the legal terms of service. We understand that our service is a tool – and we make sure it is used as it was intended. We are always open to cooperation with law enforcement agencies whenever an improper use of our service takes place.

Managing customer’s personal information charges great responsibilities on the service provider – we approach the task with full responsibility. Intrusion detection systems, protected networks, firewalls, diversified data allocation etc. – all at the employ of our security specialists engaged in protecting customers’ information. Hackers have deliberately prodded our security measures for months seeking for a loophole. To our regret here, persistence pays off – they took the better of it once the opportunity arrived.

However, the numbers describing the data leak, are vastly exaggerate and don’t come close to 400,000, as initially communicated by the media. There has only been a cluster of information that suffered the attack – any more would bring the intrusion under the light of detection and cause immediate suppression.

Is my data in danger?

Furthermore, the architecture of our data is designed in a way that no single piece of data carries a link to the actual user – neither the one the data has been derived from, nor the one it has been delivered to. In its current state it is nothing more than a collection of random files which the web has an abundance of, and cannot be used against any specific user.

We are taking all necessary measures to prevent the risk of allowing anyone benefit from any meaningful data in the cache. We have notified our customers of the situation and conveyed the risk of their contact information being exposed – they have all been provided a set of appropriate necessary recommendations.

As another reaction to the case, we are in the process of applying new security measures to protect the internal data even further. Previous to recent events the data has been encrypted during the transfer process. Now it will also be encrypted on the storage level – no data will be possible to read outside the confines of our data management system.

We at mSpy are fully committed to preserving the state of privacy and confidentiality of our customer’s information and we will devote our greatest efforts to further eliminate any chance of users’ data being compromised or obtained by a 3rd party.

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