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mSpy interviewing grateful parents

mSpy interviewing grateful parents

Once again mSpy parental control app is interviewing grateful parents. We cherish the voice of every customer and appreciate that they gave us the power to care of their kids online safety.

Jack Wilson, South Carolina, USA

mSpy: What was the reason to start using the mSpy app?

Jack Wilson: A few months ago, I came across the video of social experiment made by Coby Persin and mSpy on the Snapchat app. I was scared. I knew that my child is using this app, that’s why I had shivers up and down my spine watching it and understanding that the same may happen to my kid. I tried to control this app myself, but it was impossible as every snap instantly disappears. The only reasonable way to keep my kid safe was to install the mSpy parental control app, I think.

mSpy: What do you like most of all about our app?

Jack Wilson: I like that mSpy has great number of features and allows me to monitor not only Snapchat, but WhatsApp and Facebook too at any time I want. Kids spend too much time online and this communication should be supervised.

mSpy: Did you find something interesting monitoring your kid’s Snapchat?

Jack Wilson: Exactly! I found a pile of inappropriate photos sent to my child by different strangers on Snapchat. It is pretty shocking and I wasn’t ready for that. I trust my child, but I don’t trust the perverts on the Net. This stuff really works. I recommend it to all parents, concerned about their kids` online safety.

Sarah Johnson, New Mexico, USA

mSpy: What made you purchase mSpy?

Sarah: I am a mother of a teen. You know, teenage years are quite difficult both for parents and kids. Recently it became impossible to communicate with my child. I worry so much about the safety of my son and I want to protect him. For this reason, I went to extremes and installed the parental control app on his phone. It is the only possible way to be sure he is safe. I don’t want him to be involved in any horrible things and destroy his reputation and future.

mSpy: Can you recommend mSpy to other parents?

Sarah: Sure. This app works for me. With mSpy I can keep viewing my kid`s online activities, texts and browsing history. It gives me certainty that my kid is safe while online. Without doubts, it helps a lot.

Tina Garcia Lopez, Madrid, Spain

mSpy: What was the need for you to set the mSpy on your kid’s phone?

Tina: Adolescence, you know. My kid was drawn into bad company, started swearing, became nervous and aggressive. Several times I picked up the cigarette smoke, so I suppose he was smoking. Needless to say that such changes kind of scared me as he refused to tell me whether he was smoking or not. I don’t want my child to suffer from bumps and bruises or become a bad person. That’s why I needed to have a possibility to monitor his devices. With mSpy it is possible.

mSpy: Did mSpy help you solve your problem?

Tina: Actually, it was very simple. I restricted the communication with people from that company by blocking their calls and text messages and sent him to the other school. The problem disappeared and everything went back to normal.

mSpy: Can you recommend mSpy to other parents?

Tina: Yeah, mSpy helped me to protect my child from bad influence, so it is above all praise.

Helen Jones, Bristol, UK

mSpy: From your own experience why it is essential to monitor kid`s devices?

Helen: Real world is harsh, but the cyber world is even worse. I always thought that such horrible things like cyberbullying and sexting will not happen to my kid. We constantly discuss online safety and my daughter knows how to behave online. It was a real shock to find out that my girl was cyberbullied. I couldn’t imagine that even in my worst nightmares.

mSpy: What did you do when you find out that your child was cyberbullied?

Helen: I was both scared and furious. Thank God I found it out early and managed to stop it in its tracks. I reported this issue to the police, school and social media app where the cyberbullying took place. I don’t want to even imagine what could have happened if I didn’t have mSpy on my daughter`s phone.

mSpy: Can you recommend this app?

Helen: I would love to say that this is just an additional tool but it seems to have become a must for every parent.

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