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mSpy interviewing grateful parents

mSpy interviewing grateful parents

From the editor: for the first time mSpy interviews parents. We do appreciate your voice and the good word you spread about the product. Here are the stories of grateful parents.

Hanna, New Jersey, USA:

mSpy: Why did you start using mSpy?

Hanna, New Jersey, USA:

I was about to hand a phone to my kid for the first time. It was thrilling to me. She was 8 already and I thought it would be great to give it to her. But I was afraid that it might affect her school performance or even health. I’m quite aware that kids might be tech addicted. Also, I knew there were other risks like adult pop-ups, inappropriate ads, and other filthy stuff. I know ‘cause I face it all the time. I knew I needed some restrictions.

First, we discussed that she could not use it in class or when doing her homework. I set some rules.

I realized I needed a sort of guarantee that she was not going to watch YouTube too much or play some apps. So I researched a little bit and found mSpy.

mSpy: What do you like the most about mSpy?

Hanna, New Jersey, USA:

Definitely, Internet filters and restricting apps. I blocked a bunch of sites I deem lewd for my kid. And GPS locator is helpful as well since my husband and I have irregular working hours.

mSpy: Were there any particular situations when mSpy came in handy?

Hanna, New Jersey, USA:

My kid loved the movie High School Musical. I am used to checking what she was about to watch. Love these series as well ‘cause they are really inspirational for kids and teens. But after watching this movie she got interested in its protagonist. A young lady who wanted to apply for a college and to have an amazing career as a singer. At this age, kids look for role models. I think that’s ok but parents should follow this process as well.

So I just wanted to make sure that other movies with her performance were as great as the previous ones. To my big disappointment, her next movie was so “adult”: sex scenes, naked people, alcohol, drugs, etc. I didn’t want her to watch it at all.

I thought: “Ok, if she likes this celeb in this movie and the way she behaves, she might think that the way this celeb behaves in another one is quite appropriate. It’s ok. This is how teens hang out”.

Keywords alerts helped me identify what she was looking for. Actually, this is how I got to know she had got interested in this particular person.  And so we talked.

mSpy helps me understand my kid better to react properly. You cannot let things just happen on their own. Just can’t. To me, mSpy is like my assistant in dealing with some sensitive issues you face as a parent.

Noah, Nice, France

mSpy: Why did you need a parental control app?

Noah, Nice, France:

We have what is called now a troubled teen. I got divorced and my teen was a rebel at that time. He accused us of filing for divorce, etc. You know, family stuff. After our splitting up, my son bottled himself up. That was a problem for us. My ex-wife and I didn’t know where he was, what he was doing. I know we screwed up. But we still wanted to be close to him.

So I bought this app to be aware of where he is and what he’s doing at this moment. This was like the urgent way out.

mSpy: What features were the most helpful for your situation?

Noah, Nice, France:

It’s GPS tracker for sure. At least, I could check on him remotely. Also, I monitored the route history to know where he’s been messing around.

I viewed texting and a little bit chatting just to know that people around him are normal. Have to say that it was especially helpful when it was midnight and the kid was not at home. Fortunately, we survived this period. Things got better now.

Teresa, Manarola, Italy

mSpy: What made you buy mSpy?

Teresa, Manarola, Italy

My daughter suffers from dyslexia. She has distracted attention and problems with spatial orientation. So control was a must for our family. She is an amazing girl, sweet and so open to people. But we used to live in a constant anxiety that one day she might get lost somewhere.

We tried it and do not regret because it’s kind of relief. At least, we know where she is. We check on her remotely.

mSpy: Would you recommend mSpy to parents with special needs?

Teresa, Manarola, Italy:

Actually, we did. Twice a week we attend the group called “Dyslexia not dysfunctional’ (in Italian “Dislessia non disfunzionale”). There are many parents with the same problems there. And we’ve just shared our story and encouraged them to use mSpy for their particular needs.

See, kids with this disease are not isolated. It means they socialize via social media and ordinary texting. Sometimes monitoring chatting on social media, calls, texts, and sites your kid visits might be very insightful. This is how I can make sure my kid is not communicating with online predators or people who can use her vulnerability. Besides, I do not recommend parents to let their kids watch YouTube without any control.

Monica, Orlando, USA

mSpy: Why did you decide to use mSpy?

Monica, Orlando, USA:

Actually, I was looking for something that could restrict my kid’s surfing on the Internet. I was literally pissed off because all she was doing after school was staying online for hours. No homework, no home responsibilities. Just the Internet.

I was wondering what sites she visited ‘cause she spent so much time on it. She didn’t open up about anything. So I had to find a solution.

mSpy: How did mSpy help you sort things out?

Monica, Orlando, USA:

Oh! It helped out a lot. First, I monitored the whole online activity to understand what draws her attention, why she is so plunged into it.  I saw some particular moments I needed to pay attention to.

The app is powerful when it comes to getting to know your kid better. Sometimes you cannot ask. Sometimes you need just to check to be able to step in in time.

I found out my teen daughter met a guy from Algeria and they had been talking for a few months (I saw their Facebook chatting).  I didn’t want to read but I saw pics he’d sent the other day. He was boasting of his shape: shirtless guy with perfect abs. I didn’t like it at all. She is just 15. I don’t know whether he was going to come. Hope not. But this situation helped me understand that I need to talk about sex with my kid.

I did realize she could make mistakes if not start talking about these sensitive issues. Besides, somebody can use this ignorance.

mSpy: Would you recommend mSpy to other parents?

Monica, Orlando, USA:

For sure.  Parents have their particular need. I’m sure mSpy meets all of them. It provides the opportunity to be fully engaged in the child’s life and, thus, to prevent and to protect a child.

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