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mSpy improves Clients’ privacy

mSpy improves Clients' privacy

mSpy parental control app improves clients’ privacy with its Crypt key file method. The crypt key file method uses asymmetric encryption. With this asymmetric encryption method, no one can have access to clients’ data without their private key file.

How the asymmetric encryption works

The crypt key file is not replacing clients’ passwords. It is adding an extra layer of encryption to their account. Asymmetric encryption is done in 2 ways. The files in a clients’ accounts are encrypted with a different key.  Clients need to download their own private encryption key. This key must be kept secret and not disclosed to anyone or misplaced. The file is downloaded once and will only be used when a password reset is needed or a client forgets their password.

Downloading the private key file

New clients need to download their key files during the setup and installation process on their devices or can choose for the key file to be sent to the email they registered mSpy with. Once that is done, they can complete the installation process.

For existing clients, the key file will be available to download in the Device Management of the control panel. Clients need to download the file onto their devices or to the registered mSpy email address attached to their account. It should be noted that the key file should be kept safe and secure.

How to use the private key file

Resetting Password

If clients want to reset their passwords, they will be required to provide their private key file, the key file they downloaded previously. The key file is needed for the password change to be successfully completed. Without it, the change cannot be effected and continuing the process will encrypt all files or data already in their account. Meaning that they will not be able to read their old logs.

Forgot Password

In addition, password change will be made according to the same scheme. Should clients forget the passwords to their accounts, the password recovery process will only be done with their private key file. Without that, all their files stay encrypted.

Besides, when clients lose or misplace their private key file but remember their username and password, all they need to do is request a new one. This can simply be done on their control panel.

mSpy is constantly improving its product. We care about the safety of our clients’ data and understand the value of our clients’ data privacy. With this asymmetric encryption, only clients will have access to the logs or accounts. We highly recommend you keep it safe and secret.

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