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mSpy, the parental control you will love

mSpy, the parental control you will love

mSpy parental control app is designed to assist parents to better understand their kid’s online activities and likewise enables you to know all the activities that go on your kid’s device. This not only lets you know any dangers linked with using the internet but also prevent them.

Effects of living your kids unguarded on the Internet

Kids can be very troublesome and a headache to their parents. But them knowing we love them gives them strength to go on in life. They know they have their parents’ undivided love. A quote by Lao Tzu says ‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage’. Sometimes they may not immediately understand some of the decisions parents take like ‘grounding’ them when they misbehave, or when red lights are being raised with the new set of friends they hang out with.

Expressing such love comes in the form of protecting their kids from all the internet dangers associated with their digital world. Knowing what they do online, whether they are sexting which could lead to a criminal conviction or possession of child pornography that could lead to them being placed on the sex offender list for most of their lives. Or encouraging them to have real life friends because human beings are social beings, because most kids now have digital friends but not human friends. This could be dangerous and on the Internet, anyone can pretend to be someone they are not. According to statistics, about 750000 predators are online every second.

As much as parents sometimes want their kids to learn from their own mistakes, some mistakes can never be reversed. So parents need to show their kids they love them by protecting them on all fronts; on the streets, at school and on playgrounds.

Why use the mSpy parental control app?

mSpy parental control app gives you that option! Why not take advantage of our 25% discount on all products for 10th February to 20th February 2017. Once installed on your kid’s device, you need not worry about their whereabouts. You get a comprehensive report of where they have been, check their route history and set zones of allowed and prohibited zones. In addition, you get alerted via email if any of those zones are breached.

You get to monitor the majority of social media apps to know whether your kids are being cyberbullied or involved in sexting. You will receive detailed reports of contents, names, numbers and dates of each message.

mSpy parental control also has a browser history feature. This feature enables you to monitor all websites visited and block all unauthorized sites. Additionally, you are kept up to date on every keystroke typed on the keyboard of their devices.

You have a list of all contacts on the device. Allowing you to view deleted call logs and text messages received on the device after the mSpy parental app is installed.

To view all our 25+ features please click on our feature panel. And Why not take advantage of our special offer of 25% off.

Better parenting begins with making wise decisions. Be a loving parent by protecting your kids from the dangers of the Internet. Use the most talked about parental control app.

mSpy – Know, Prevent Protect.

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