mSpy: Q2 News & Tales

Know what? mSpy team works hard in order to improve our product all the year round, irrespective of the season! Spring 2015 hasn’t been the exception. Time flies; technology develops; we must keep pace & offer the most innovative product to our customers!

During March-April 2015, new iOS builds 4.8.2, 4.8.3 & 4.8.5 successively, as well as Android builds v4.11.3, v4.12.2.2 &, were released. We are very proud of this non-decreasing movement of mSpy app ahead to new heights!

In spring, we renovated several landing pages of the website which were adjusted for the sake of offering our customers more informative content & attractive design.

New mSpy Features Introduced in Spring

In spring, some very useful mSpy features were released, for instance, LINE messenger tracker (introduced in March). Its description & advantages can be found below.

LINE tracker is the feature that allows looking through the list of all chat messages and their contents exchanged in LINE application on the target mobile device. One can monitor:

  • Name/phone number of the account the target user exchanges messages with.
  • Incoming/outcoming messages of the addresser/addressee.
  • The exact time when the message was sent/received.
  • Track Hidden chats in LINE app as well.

Any Season Is Great!

Irrespective of month or season, mSpy team can boast of:

  1. Continuous fixing of bugs to improve app usability for the benefits of our valued customers. In spring, our team undertook various app improvements; deletion of minor bugs; implementation of versatile analytics; etc.;
  2. Regular discounts on different occasions & attractive financial offers for all types of customers, where everyone can find a profitable offer adequate for personal monitoring needs or budget limits. The company undertakes miscellaneous marketing campaigns & implements most advanced payment operations to simplify purchase procedures for the clients;
  3. Improvement of clients’ tech support, for all mobile platforms & desktops alike, is being undertaken on a regular basis.

Looking Into Future!

We have grand plans for summer as well! New features are to appear soon; follow us!
For you only, we unveil the mystery of our future releases now! Here are some of the features you’ll receive in summer:

  • Mobile variant of our app will track Instagram. Besides, you will be informed (via alert notifications) if mSpy app is uninstalled from the target device, as well as the reason why it is done.
  • Desktop version of the app will track browser history & bookmarks; & it will start tracking social networks (initially, Facebook). Besides, you will be able to control your desktop remotely, due to additional blocking capabilities.
  • Using mCloud from mSpy, you will be able to monitor Wi-Fi networks & locations, as well as numerous instant messengers, among them Telegram & KIK.

Join the ranks of our fans & get extra mobile safety & security for your kids & business from the champions in the market of mobile trackers!

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