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Mom on maternity leave gives customer review how she checks her second kid with mSpy Basic Package from her Samsung Galaxy Note 7

mSpy reviews

Hi, I’m David from Denver. I’ve been thinking about parental control since we’ve had our second kid. I work for the entertainment industry and quite aware of what’s going on on the web. Anyway, we bought mSpy Basic Package for my wife’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
She is on her maternity leave, she has more time to monitor.

Actually we bought it to check on our daughter’s GPS location. Although her trip is well known, sometimes it makes sense.

We’re thinking of upgrading to Premium Package cause she starts using messengers.
There’s no much to say. We’ve never actually had a problem or trouble dealing with online risks. But as a preventive measure, it is good.

Once we had a 24H update delay. For the GPS feature, that’s too much. We want to know where our kid is exactly at the moment we monitor. And when it doesn’t work, it sucks. Guys from support promised to fix it. Hope so. Fortunately, it was once for 2 years of our use. So in overall, it works well and without serious setbacks.

I would definitely recommend using parental controls to all caregivers. You can use apps’ in-build , free or paid ones. I would suggest free with upgrade option. If you’re not sure,just give it a try.

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