mSpy safeguarding the latest iOS 9.2

mSpy monitoring solution releases its updates for iOS 9.2. This week all mSpy for iOS users have received updates which make their application compatible with the most recent iOS 9.2.

Excellent pre-Christmas news for all mSpy fans and those concerned about the safety of their children – monitoring of the latest iOS 9.2 version (no Jailbreak), released October 8, is now available with mSpy. The latest iOS 9.2 version includes a variety of bug fixes and improvements to several built-in apps including News, Apple Music, iBooks (which received useful 3D Touch functionality), Podcasts, and more, and also includes support for the MailDrop feature from the iOS Mail app. The new update also introduces iPhone support for the USB Camera Adapter, which lets users transfer photos from a DSLR or other camera to a mobile device without syncing to a computer first.

Taking the above into account mSpy team of experts has updated all the features of mSpy application previously available for the earlier versions of iOS, including watching over kids or preventing theft and made them available for iOS 9.2 devices. mSpy opportunities for iOS 9.2 still include browsing through the contacts; GPS locating; viewing all sent and received calls, web activity, notes; reading the content of all text messages; monitoring Skype, WhatsApp, Line messengers and activity in social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Actually, mSpy now provides a wide range of features that safeguard modern children in most situations. It is one of the best ways nowadays to really acknowledge any child’s interests and concerns. With the GPS tracking, parents can know if their children are in the wrong or dangerous neighborhood; with the messaging records, including texts, emails and most messengers – the cyber-bullying problem can be prevented.  With the web browsing history reports, concerned parents can make sure that children are not spending time on pornography or gambling websites.

Currently mSpy monitores all the iOS 9 versions including iOS 9.02, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2. Users can still be sure that people, they value most, are under protection. mSpy now operates on all popular mobile and desktop platforms and plans to continue developing applications to meet any kind of future demands. mSpy is constantly evolving and adding new features to provide its users unprecedented level of comfort and security.

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