mSpy testimonials says mSpy App Premium Package happened to be very helpful for monitoring her son’s Samsung Galaxy S3

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mspy testimonials

Hello, my name is Marissa Squerciati from Italy. Have to say I was worried it wouldn’t work for my son’s phone. It’s Samsung galaxy S3. I was going to buy the Premium Package because I read how many options I would have. Anyway, it happened to be compatible.

I installed easily and got started immediately. The only thing I was interested in was monitoring messengers and apps. I heard kids used Kik, Snapchat, WhatsApp for bullying. So as for a single mom, I guess monitoring is a way out. Love geo-fencing and location updates.

I recommend to buy mSpy

Once I even monitored a phone call. Frankly speaking, that was so eye-opening. I had a serious talk with my kid cause it seemed to me he was a little bit rude to another person.

In general, the package is ok. Once I even asked for refund. They actually did it 2 days after my request. Don’t know how they do it in other companies. Actually they do what they advertised.

Snapchat is another piece for worrying. My son has a girlfriend and since child sexting is illegal I wanted to check if photos they share and post are appropriate. Have to admit I didn’t realize till not my son has already grown up. So I had to step in and not to allow some photos to go viral.

Reliable monitoring app mSpy

Again, as a single mom, I’m grateful for the app. It makes my mothering easier, especially when raising a young man.

Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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