mSpy: Track the Phone Or Hack the Phone?

  Whether you want to spy on a mobile device to track texts from your teenage daughter, to keep account of your employees call log, you have to know how to get the information off of the phone.

  There are two main methods of spying on a mobile phone. You can use phone tracking software or you can hack the phone. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of tracking a mobile phone.

Hack the Phone

  Should you choose to hack the phone you will need hardware of some sort. Depending upon your level of expertise you can get away with a very cheap phone hacking kit or you might have to spring for something more expensive. Most hack the phone kits require that you install hardware on the phone. Most phone hacking  kits also take some time to install so be prepared to keep the phone away from its owner for a while. Hacking a phone allows you to get around passwords and locks so that you can transfer information such as texts, emails and call logs to somewhere that you can read it.

Track the Phone

  Tracking a mobile phone requires that you install a phone spy application such as mSpy. A phone spy app can be purchased, downloaded and installed on a phone in just a few minutes. After that you can return the phone to its user and proceed to download a full log of information from their phone. This includes text tracking, call log tracking, email tracking and you can even use the application to locate the phone through GPS.  Many phone tracking applications also allow you to view texts even after they have been deleted from a phone.

If you want to spy on a mobile phone you can easily hack the phone. However, in terms of time, convenience and availability of information, tracking the phone is a great deal and it’s more efficient. You can remotely read sms and stay in the know what your kids are doing.

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