mSpy: Q1 News & Tales

First & foremost, the beginning of winter 2014-2015 witnessed massive work of mSpy team concerning the total renewal of the website. Progress moves on rapidly; we must keep pace!

Into the New Year – with the New Site!

On the 25th of December, 2014, the whole mSpy team held its breath & released the renewed site to the public. The totally new ‘outfit’ of the site has been created; it includes more attractive illustrations, entirely updated content, responsive design which was wholly implemented a bit later in January; & surely, more breath-taking features for monitoring most versatile gadgets.

In December 2014, new iOS build with new Wizard & Android build 4.10.9 with new Wizard saw daylight. We are very proud of this non-decreasing movement of mSpy app ahead to new heights!

New mSpy Features Born in Winter

In February, some very useful mSpy features were released. They are Installed Applications & Web Mailer features for desktop devices.

Their description & advantages can be found below:

  • Installed Applications is the feature that allows viewing the list of all installed applications on the monitored desktop. Due to this feature, one can track the title of any installed application, its version, the time of the installation, application type (both basic configuration of a target computer and optional applications installed by the user) and the size of the application it occupies on the target computer.
  • Web Mailer allows getting comprehensive information about all letters opened on the target device in different browsers. The usage of the popular Web-based email services can be monitored hands down. The users can filter the letters by mail services, types of the letters (Income, Sent, Favorite etc.), time frames and keywords. They can mark separate letters/letter groups (All, None etc.), view the comprehensive information on the letters (heading, address, content, attached files etc.) and undertake various operations with them (save, print, delete the letters, download the attachments etc.)

Any Season Is Great!

Besides, irrespective of month or season, mSpy team can boast of:

  • Continuous fixing of bugs to improve app usability for the benefits of our valued customers (e.g. in winter, our team undertook trial build improvements; refinements of export logs and additional analytics of build working; etc.);
  • New most versatile discounts & attractive financial offers for all types of customers & affiliates alike, where everyone can find a profitable offer to his/her liking or budget (Christmas & New Year Campaign; February 14th campaign, etc.);
  • Chrome Store offers the versions of our application; now you can have mSpy at hand, one click away from a new tab;
  • Regular improvement of clients’ tech support, for both Android & iOS platforms.

Looking Into Future!

We have grand plans for spring as well! For example, the feature of tracking LINE messenger has been recently implemented already (in March); trackers for Snapchat & Facebook messengers are to appear soon, etc. Their description & advantages can be found here:

LINE tracker is the feature that allows looking through the list of all chat messages and their contents exchanged in LINE application on the target mobile device. One can monitor:

  • Name/phone number of the account the target user exchanges messages with.
  • Incoming/outcoming messages of the addresser/addressee.
  • The exact time when the message was sent/received.
  • Track Hidden chats in LINE app as well.

Via Snapchat tracker feature, you can easily control the flow of Snapchat’s media data (photos, videos and drawings) on a monitored device. You can track the exact date & time media files were exchanged, video duration, and of course, view all content. The recipient can view files for only 10 seconds before being deleted from the device, while mSpy lets you view content at any time, in the Control Panel.

We’ve always been & still remain the champions in the market of mobile trackers! You’re welcome to join the ranks of our fans!

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